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ASK HELP Pip dwp war zone

Im sure half of use are goin through what im goin through ive got reactve autherties and spondiltes ive been tryin get pip for over a year now does anyone no which is best way to go or speek to someone high in pip to get it changed im two points of they have got strong surpoted letters and they still leaving it the same its makin me really ill stressed please drop comments below for gudience please so i dont have to go tribruin service thanks

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you are in the same boat as me ,I have asked for a reconsideration that was 12 weeks ago I keep being told it with the assessors and should get a letter in a few days I can only live in hope its been flagged for a call back for a month now ,but you cannot get to speak to anyone other than the first port of call ,my claim started 11 months ago ,you can only take there next step good luck


Yh very stressfull they dont understand gd luck to u to my advice is email your mp ext ive just done that


Hi B-ham-m,

sorry you are having such problems. There are some fact sheets available from Disability Rights UK about the best way to appeal. They also have a section on organisations that may be able to help you with free aadvice about what to do:

Hope this helps and good luck with your claim


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Might be worth going to see the disability welfare rights person at your local CAB. I know ours has been a big help for a lot of people in dealing with DWP


Look on the benefits and work website, if you join for about £18 a year, you can access their forum to ask questions and download their helpful guides to PIP etc.

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there is a forum called which is incredibly informative on how to navigate the PIP minefield, I wish I'd found it much sooner in my journey as I was already at decision time when I discovered it….

the only times i made any progress on my PIP application was when I wrote to my MP, he responded each time within 24 hours (on a working day) and then I would hear from PIP within the week.


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