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Ask advice about taking my MTX tomorrow?

Im not sure whether to take my MTX tomorrow, My kind Hubby has passed his cold onto me, Im feeling really rough, ive got a really sore throat, a dry painful cough, resulting in a horrible taste. Im also Asthmatic, my peak flow has dropped.

I don't think I will be able to get hold of Rheumys tomorrow it being sunday. Am I right in thinking I should leave off my Mtx, has anyone been told this if they are unwell with a cold/sore throat? Please can you get back to me with advice. Thanks Rie x

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Hle e advisabello BOB here

Sadly I am not a GP, so it is difficult for me to say, although I know that this medication has a contra- indication that weakens the immune system. It will depend if this is the first dose of medication or injection..

Under these circumstance it may be advisable to contact the Health Direct number and take advice from there

Some GP surgeries have someone covering when closed so that could be a possibility, where you will get advice iregarding this, I gather this is not the first dose, possibly I am wrong.??.

If it is first dose one day will not make a difference, again try and take advice on this

Sadly I am in the same situation on Thursday I am seeing the nurse where I am starting a course of Methotrexate by injection. So I feel I know where you are coming from, and agree how you feel, although we have to do as we are told



Oh poor you!

Personally I generally hold of the mtx for a couple of days until I can talk to a doc, but especially with your Asthma problem it sounds like you should see them ASAP.

There will be a stand bye doc for your surgery, our surgery leaves an emergency docs number at the weekend and generally they call you back and give you advice or ask you to go and see them if they think you need examination.

Particularly with your asthma u dont wanna take any risks!

So hold off the meds I think until the doc sees you, that was the advice given to me when I was in the situation and when my cold and asthma lifted I then had my mtx.

And hope you feel better soon xxA


Thank you Bob & Allanah for your advice, i will ring my gp first. Still feeling rough, coughing like mad. Take care, Rie x


Hi, you could just have a week off your MTX as plenty of it stays in your system.

This is what I have been told in the past. Then take it on the correct day next week.

Hope you can get advice from your GP.


Thanks everyone. I rang my Gp, had to contact NHS 111, spoke to Dr who was concerned about my Breathing, so had to go to local hosp to see out of hours Dr, who has put me on course of steroids & has said not to take the MTX for 3-4 days, so I shall leave it until next sunday when Im due to take it anyway. Will ring my Rheumy team tomorrow, x RIE


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