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ESA and DLA transfer to pip


My week has gone from bad to worse on Monday I got a date for my medical for ESA and yesterday I got a letter asking me to apply for pip. I am feeling totally overwhelmed with it all. I was diagnosed in 2009 with fibromyalgia osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis,I have been in the support group of esa for two years. I was awarded dla 3 years ago with an indefinite award, I know I've been left til the later end transferring over to pip. Just wondered has anyone else gone through this and would they share there experiences I don't know where to start. Thanks Caroline x

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I was given my DLA for indefinite time, I have been on DLA for the past 10 years and I can't understand why we need medical school after we have already proved sick and disabled cannot be swapped over from one to the other, they just want us all to stress out again and again. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 20 years ago and it does not go ever lol but try telling them that lol, I received my invite about3 weeks ago and they wanted me to phone them, my app form arrived and I also requested welfare rights to help me and then a txt message to say they have my forms and today a letter from ATOS who don't give ATOS, LOL to say they will contact my medics to confirm my Dementia, and everything else I have lol. I wish they get on with it because as your feeling now anxiety and some fear too lol. Fingers crossed for you and I hope things go your way and soon.


Hi Caroline

I thought the DWP were abolishing assessments for long term illnesses ? Maybe try and ring the DWP . X

That's reassessment of ESA Only, and Only for certain chronic diseases that they specify

In other words quite a small group of people

They are meant to be but not passed as yet so won't be in time for us I fear

It seems ridiculous, even by their standards, to give you two reassessments within such a short time. I suppose it is because DLA as a benefit is ending and we are all being reassessed for that. They may take into account the info gathered during your ESA claim when they reasess your PIP claim, with it being so recent. (So possibly you won't have to have another medical for PIP?)

You could pop along to the youreable forum and ask there too, they are very helpful re benefits.

On the plus side (probably doesn't feel like much of a 'plus' at the moment) but I expect you had to gather drs reports and specialist reports for your ESA claim. If you have copies of these, you won't have to do all that info. gathering again for the PIP form, just send copies. Plus a lot of what you wrote on the ESA form will be applicable to PIP, so you've got a bit of a head start.

Trying to be positive Caroline, but know it must be a huge stressful pain in the rear end.

Take care xx

Forgot to say, take your time. There's no hurry. You'll have a month to do the PIP form, so plenty of time, even if you only answer one question per day (which is how I did it - very slowly!)


I took my form along to Cit Advice. They were very helpful

did it for me and sent it off with the medical letters. Give them a call.

Thanks all for your replies going to contact Dial for help with the pip form. Caroline x

I am also in the last batch I understand more areas of being left to the last cities have been done first. I am normally on the ball but I knew nothing about changing as I was also on the indefinite award. I am like you so stressed thank goodness I have my partner to help me ease the stress...good luck to you xx

Thanks Sunflower have u completed the pip form? X

It arrived yesterday I am going next Monday for help with the forms as I get very confused with forms,

I also had a medical 3 years ago and was awarded indefinite

Living in Glasgow, I recieved a letter last Nov saying I'd be transfered from DLA to PIP at some point.

Six months later with no word, I took matters into my own hands and went straight to CAB and with their help (they're very experienced and very good at this sort of thing) put in my own application.

They have less than two weeks to make an offer and know that CAB are sitting in the wings, watching very carefully.

I hope you are successful.

Just been through it hun they stopped my DLA early and i was due to go for ESA as well, when i did PIP assessment they cancelled my ESA and just gave me both.

carolineo in reply to Leonwp

Did u not have to go for an esa medical and was ur pip successful. Thanks Caroline

Leonwp in reply to carolineo

Hi Caroline, i will give you full history, became sick in feb 2011 applied for DLA and ESA in April and went on SSP as still working. In September was put on ESA when SSP finished, then had DLA assessment and was declined, applied for mandstory reconsideration and was declined, in meantime was put in ESA priority without further assessment appealed and declined, went to Trubunal in Nov 2012 was given DLA mobility and care at high level and 17 months back pay. In May 2016 was told DLA being stopped and had to apply for PIP, in august had assessment and was awarded enhanced PIP care and mobility and told priority ESA had been renewed, seems like DWP actually used info for more than just PIP. Its very hard not to give up but never stop until last door is closed.

carolineo in reply to Leonwp

Thanks Leonwp it's worth it to keep fighting. Did u fill in the pip form yourself? Would u mind me asking ur diagnosis. Hope I'm not pestering u it's nice to know other people have gone through it. Thanks Caroline

Leonwp in reply to carolineo

I did the form myself from guidance notes and sent a copy of my last 2 scripts, beyond that i just gave them name of my consultant and gp. I have acute and chronis and acute RA and type 2 diabetes. I got enhaced for mobility and care.

carolineo in reply to Leonwp

Cheers Leonwp. I also have ra, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. It helps to know of success stories. Caroline

Leonwp in reply to carolineo

Pleasure but it doesnt feel like success today, had first major flare today since things quietened down, have had to come off RA meds 4 days ago due to infections, been shaking in pain for last 12 hours and morphine not touched it. Id forgotten how bad it can be.

Hi Leonel, did u not have to go to an Esa appointment? Was your pip successful. X x

I used the Guide created by the Benefits & Work site,, it sets out how to avoid the pit falls of the PiP form and the words they look for like 'safely repeatedly and in a timely manner'.

I'm so sorry you've got a Perfect Storm at the moment and hope it all gets sorted satisfactorily soon!

Thanks Premierscfc. It's good to know about the wording.

Go for ESA first!!!

PIP will replace DLA and be paid on top of ESA.

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