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Hi all,Been doing really well so far.past the nausea and tiredness phase. I recently developed severe pain on both pelvic joints.sleeping is a nightmare as cant lie on either side for long.Am told its too early to have such pain but am guessing maybe its the RA making it worse.Was given ponstan and nospa which help briefly the the pain is all back.Am very reluctant to go back to RA medication as was hoping to avoid them all together during this period.

Any one with similar experience or ideas on how to manage the pain and sleep better?

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hi flower, i find some times to have a warm bath before i go to bed, or you try taking a hot water bottle with you too, i some times cant sleep on the hip it is one of them stay on it or move it is still pain full a times,


My guess is that it's a mix of pregnancy hormones and RA perhaps? Is this your first pregnancy? I didn't have RA when I was expecting my three children but I did have severe eczema from the top of my head to the end of my toes for the first and was so disappointed as it's meant to go away for 70% of sufferers. I did have a lot of pelvic pain quite early on though. I think Gwen is right about the warm baths and maybe having heat pads around your lower back too. I take it you've asked the doctor or rheumy nurse?

I can't say if it's RD related but I suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) in all 4 of my pregnancies and even ended up with crutches at one point.

Mine started at 14wks with my 2nd child - not sure why you've been told "it's too early", as you will have the hormone relaxin in your system to allow everything to stretch and grow.

Anyway, have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your legs? This helps keep everything in line and takes a bit of pressure off. Ask to be referred for physio (if you haven't already), as the earlier you get help the better.

Obviously this is just assuming it is just something like PGP and not your RD. I'm sure it maybe a combination but hopefully some of the above may help.

Best of luck.

Thanks all for your replies.Its my first pregnancy and i guess talking to you guys makes a lot of sense compared to talking with people who don't understand RA.Will be going for rheumy appointment next week,meanwhile will try the pillow and hot warm baths.Thanks alot for your feedback

hi lubash, I am not pregnant, and have had RD for 45 years, having first signs of pain in shoulders when I was 30yrs. old. It has just now, after destroying every other joint in my body, reached my hips, I can't sit down for longer than a few minutes, and is also destroying my sleep, even though I am on a lot of meds. MTX 12.5, Folic Acid 10mg. omeprezol 20mg. and of course the biological Cimzia, and 3mg prednisolone. but being weaned off the pred. To manage my pain I use either Voltaorol rub in gel, or ibuprofen gel. and hubby massages it quite hard all around my bum cheeks (which he just loves doing) then I sit on a heat pad, this does alleviate that dull throbbing pain in the buttocks, but so far, have found no help for the pain in the groin area. I hope any of these rub in gels will help, but it is worth giving anything a try. Lastly, is any-one out there using a "pressure cushion" to sit on? as I fancy trying this. One other thought, hip pains from the buttocks, instead of the groin, is it poss: that because I have lost such a lot of weight, (been on a strict diet) that the cushioning on my backside has started this? love to all xxx

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Hi thanks for your comment.Been on remission and off meds and am trying hard to avoid meds for as long as possible.Will ask on next appointment what oils or gel rub ins i can use.Been also thinking of the the pressure cushions as sitting also causes pain.

Best of luck

Hi, having hip pain myself and found hot water bottles helpful, am now having physio which also helps. Have you tried asking GP for some physio, after all it is drug free and could help. I had KT tape on my back to help relax muscles as I was walking badly as well.

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