Pain and extreme fatigue

Hi everyone,

Im having a hard time with extreme fatigue at the moment. Exhaused even after sleep and any activity especially with upper body causes me to become overwhelmed with fatigue. I can feel the strength going out of my limbs which is bad enough but its the inner faigue that is worse.

Physical activity can make make physically sick and i ober heat.

I do not have RA but some pain condition that affects all my joints and at the moment affects my shoulders and upper back the most.

Im finding it difficult to cope and very isolating. I do pace myself and try to remail positive but everyday is one big struggle.

Thanks for listening


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  • I'm not sure what your diagnosis is exactly but there is something out of whack for you to suffer such fatigue. Are you thinking your diagnosis is incorrect? If so I would seek a second opinion or referral to a pain clinic if you have a definite diagnosis. I really feel for you, as you describe is how I am when having a flare or when I've had a break from my meds & why I feel maybe another specialist opinion may be useful. I hope you receive the treatment you need, it's no life feeling like that most of the time.

  • You are so right it is no life feeling like this. My symptoms are not adding up to the diagnosis. I have some cervical and lumber spine athritus isteo they have said, yet the exhaustion and sometimes flu like symptoms do not go with that.

    I have a GP appointment this week and i dont know how im going to approach this yet, i dont want to be fobed off again,.



  • The exhaustion and the overheating, how I can empathise with you on that. Its a big challenge for me for the last few years. I understand the effort needed to cope with it and the battle to remain positive. It is a very isolating disease for some of us and the lack of knowledge from people who have no experience of this disease does not help.

    I can not offer medical advice of course as I am just a fellow sufferer but my rheumy said that my overheating was caused by the levels of inflammation in my body. I find a quick fix for the overheat is to fill the washing up bowl with cold water and fold your arms into it for a minute or two.

    I hope you feel better soon .

  • I beleive there is some imflamation going on somewhere and i do have swelling but not due to RA. However when i have my bloods done imflamation markers are is this possible?



  • Hi Christine. I wanted to say hello and well done on trying to stay positive. I also am going through a period of fatigue that is part of a RD flare up, it is very frustrating for me as I have a 5 year old and am normally quite active. As I write this it is not even 11am and I'm very sleep sat on my sofa!

    So hugs to you and support to carry on with the positivity. Try to rest as much as u need and nurture yourself.

  • It must be so much harder with a young child....I cant help feeling guilty when i go to lay down upstairs and feel releived when night comes.

    Thanks for your support


  • Oh bless you, the tiredness / fatigue is just awful isn't it. I agree with the others with what your saying. Sometimes I find that if I have taken the highest dose prescribed of anti inflammatory drugs such as brufen my blood look ok.

    I would take pics of any red or swollen areas, keep a diary of your pain and how bad and where it is, document your tiredness and sweating , and march back into the docs and ask them to check u again. If your lucky it could be a bad virus and it will ease but if it's RA you may need treated so it's worth pestering them. Sometimes it can take a while for RA to get diagnosed , good luck x

  • Thank you..the sweating and hotness is something that i never suffered from in the past so along with my pain and fatigue i think something is not right.

    I will approach my doctor again with this as some people are zeronegativen and even if its not RA or such its something...



  • Good luck, let is know how u get on?

  • Hi Christine, I too am experiencing severe fatigue at the moment, one of my worst episodes I think! I feel drugged when I wake up in the mornings and it takes so long to get going, I also feel overwhelmed with the feelings of fatigue and weakness and overheat with any physical exertion. My joints don't seem too bad although my hands are stiff and painful so I am not sure if this is an RA flare or not! I have been like this for the last 4 to 5 days and have just had to phone my very unsympathetic manager to tell her I won't be in to work for the next few days. I have got an appointment with my GP tomorrow but don't really know what he can do other than issue a sick certificate because I am taking my meds, Cimzia, as I should and just resting because that's all I can do . I too find it very isolating and every day a struggle, I avoid trying to explain to others how I feel because they don't understand, so I just say I am not feeling well, probably a virus or something!

    I also try to remain positive as do you, it does help to know others on this site are experiencing the same, hope you feel better soon and me too !

  • I know what you mean about telling others about feeling exhausted,, its too much to listen to what they think i should be now i just say my knee hurts or something like that. Fatigue to some is quite feable..bbut we know thats not the case.

    Hope you feel well soon and i do appreciate all the support on really helps..



  • Hello yorkshiregirl44. How awful you must be feeling. A lot of us have gone through this phase and people who haven't experienced fatigue just cannot fathom what it can do to you. I wish I could send a magic wand to you, but I am afraid a great big hug and all my best wishes will have to do.

  • Thank you for the hugs and if you ever get a magic wand you will be in so much demand...



  • Hi yorkshiregirl44

    Sorry that you are having such a hard time at the moment. I have put some links below to information about fatigue and pain for you to look at:

    Hope something there helps you.


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thanks Beverley i will have alook at that

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