Anxiey, panic, pain, and ringing ears

Hello all. I have development some nasty anxiety and panic attacks over my RA. I am in pain all the time. I was denied disability, I used to me a Medical Assistant ( I am an LPN who loved the office over the hospital). I cant work in medical because i cant move fast, i can hardly walk most days. I developed ringing in my ears, is that from RA? I was also diagnosed with lichen sclerosis, does any one else with RA have this? Does anyone else have anxiety/panic from their health proble!s? I really need some friends who know what RA is like. Yes, i am on Zoloft for anxiety. It is working, my anxiety is less. I was just put on Methotrexate. I just got insurance this year. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with RA. I was suffering with feet, hands and hip pain for years. As a nurse I ignored it. I was wayto busy. Sorry for rambling. I am scared. Any advise would be greatly welcome. 😁

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Hell there Blue

I had awful depression and anxiety in the beginning. I think probably lots of folks with auto immune disorders. This happens for many reasons. In my case the depression started when I felt I was not being listened to by the medical profession.

I have a diagnosed mental illness any way, and felt that my physical symptoms were being completely ignored, or put down to my mental health. This of course caused more depression. On top of this I'd been made redundant, and couldn't work anyway. This felt like a huge loss. We are often defined by the work we do. I felt useless.

When I was finally diagnosed, I was put on sulfasalazine (known for causing depression). My mood dropped dangerously. Turned out I was allergic to it.

So there are many things that could cause depression and anxiety. Methotrexate can cause anxiety and depression. I can't take it for that reason. I think any long term illness can cause awful dips in moods.

Sorry you feel rubbish.


Oops... hello, not hell!!

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Thank you. It's nice to hear from folks who understand


I like "hell there Blue!" It sound very fitting in a twangy Western Hic voice!!

To be honest I'm not surprised that things feel scary out there... I do not know how you RAers who have to get insurance clearance etc before getting appropriate treatment cope - the NHS maybe creaky but it's mere existence helps me sleep at night for sure! And I do wonder how many of our friends fleeing wars etc also live with untreated autoimmune conditions - I selfishly dont dwell on that one cos I would not sleep and that isn't helping anyone.

The cost free things I have found that have helped with my depression (existing long before RA decided to visit me and rudely over stayed its welcome!!) are:

Listening to meditation/relaxation tracks

Sunshine (even in the winter - I wrap up in a 4 season sleeping bag and read outside on those dry, crisp sunny winter days - neighbors think I'm mad!)

Gardening - even if it's just dead heading a few plants or trimming back a rose.

A gentle walk.

Making a phone call to a friend - too far away to commit me to a meet up/visit for which I don't have the energy for!

Keeping a gratitude log which happens in burst of a few weeks here and a few weeks there when I really need to remind myself that my life is not all pants. So at the end of the day I try to write 10 things that I am grateful for in that day and sometimes I fall back on the basics like "I am grateful for the electricity that heated the water for my warm bath!" And then I pause to consider what would my day have been like if I had not had electricity on that day. If it's a more unique gratitude such as "I am grateful for the beaming smile the little girl in the biggie gave me." Then I try and revisit the warmth and joy in that spontaneous exchange so that it registers deep within me.

Taking the edge of your anxieties may help with some of you RA activity as well. Also you might try looking up the group Creaky Joints as they may have a support group in your area that you can tap into.

All the best



Really good advice Ali as well as genuinely helpful

Suggestions. Really love your idea of a gratitude log .



Thank you 😊 great suggestions


Sounds like the spirit of an old hymn used by me, taught by my Mum and her Mum before , both of whom had long term health and mobility problems -

" count your blessings , name them one by one"

it's helped me many times,

blessings to all


That brought back some memories. Made me quite emotional (in a good way).


I think we're all scared and anxious about RA. I know I am. I reckon I'm also grieving for a future that has changed drastically from what I imagined and planned for. I'm just bumbling along and doing my best at present so can't really offer advice except hang on in there and remember that we who use this forum understand and are happy to listen.

Huge gentle hugs



😊 thanks


i can really sympathise with this x


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