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PIP update

Well my PIP assessment saga continues. I informed DWP last August that my condition has worsened due to osteo arthritis progressing to my spine (number of probs with discs and spondylithesis). I was sent a reassessment form duly completed and returned to DWP in September last year. Finally got to be reassessed by ATOS person in January this year. Was told in February they had all the info to make a decision and I should hear from them shortly but to date have heard nothing. I am still getting PIP so assume all must be ok but no correspondence nothing from them. I've been ringing every two weeks since beginning of March and on the last three occasions have been told it's with the assessment team but no decision has been made but that someone from the team will ring me within 5 working days...again nothing. Last call I made just over a week ago I asked to make a formal complaint and was told someone will contact me within 5 working days still nothing. I was told last time that as I informed them about changes to my condition it also felt at time they would assess hence the delay. I am due another assessment in September (on annual) goodness knows why as my condition is not suddenly going to change. I was also told that DWP focusing on new applicants and those coming off DLA so I am low priority but surely a letter or a tele call not too much to ask. My concern is what happens if when they make a decision they say I'm not entitled to PIP and ask for money back. Know I'm being silly but it is a worry. Anyone else having problems with DWP like this and where do I go from here? Do I not do anything or escalate the complaint if so to who?

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I feel so sorry for you, and many others, having to go through all this process just to get a benefit you are entitled to. The whole system is geared around getting as many people as possible off benefits and it's cruel.

The Government have gone out of their way to make the process of claiming benefits so complicated that many can't cope with the process and just give in out of frustration. Just imagine what it's like for people with learning disabilities and those who can't read or write, let alone know how to use a computer.

Sorry for the rant!

It's a worrying time for you. I hope it's all sorted soon. Take care. xx


Look on the Benefits and Work website, they also have a forum for this kind of topic, if you join. Highly recommended.


Thank you I will x


My son has been working on upgrading the computer system for the review of people on benefits. He tells me that the political attitude was originally that most people on benefits would be found to be fit to work. This has NOT been the case and large numbers of people have been put through this system in a punitive way assuming that they are out to cheat. The whole system has been overwhelmed because people and their conditions are much more complicated than the politicians assume.

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This had been a long held assumption but to have it confirmed is just beyond the pale. This Government patently has little idea of how "true" disability affects people & the hardships often felt by those in need of benefits, unable to work, taking early retirement or needing to cut their hours & in turn income. Many are proud people who ordinarily wouldn't bare their souls, pushed to the brink before giving in & requesting a little help, struggling to pay bills, buy food (we even have food banks where I live now, quite an affluent area) & even keep a roof over their head. For the Government to use such underhand tactics to "weedle out" the "so-called cheaters" makes me concerned about who will voted into power at the upcoming General Election. Makes my blood boil & even more scared for our future, the NHS & access to benefits. I'm not one given to spouting about politics but please will everyone carefully consider who they vote for on the 7th May. I know there are no guarantees, each have pledged unattainable guarantees should they gain power but we can only hope that some whichever party wins stay true to some of their promises.


There seems to be a lot of people having trouble claiming PIP these days, obviously they are trying to save money! A friend of mine had EDS and is in a wheelchair all the time. She claimed for PIP and was turned down, the reason being that she has 3 children who have special needs as they have the illness and two of them have a autism and she took them out of school as they weren't getting the help for special needs children. So, she now does home education. She was told that because she does home education it means that she is able to walk more than 200 metres! I would have though the opposite as if they went to school she would have to take them as they live quite a way from the school, whereas doing home education she doesn't need to go out of the house. She teaches them using their iPads, which even schools do now. She is going to appeal.


That's dreadful, this blooming government, it's all about the money, no care, no compassion x


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