Hey folks, I wondered if anyone had found any good suppliers for comfortable yet stylish shoes, I have bunions on my feet as well as RA which makes it difficult to find suitable shoes. I generally go for wide fitting but need something with a padded sole for comfort. I am only 35 though so I am hoping to find something which doesn't look like a gandma shoe, no offence to the grandmas :)

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  • If you put shoes in the search field it should come up with a most recent post where this was discussed and loads left messages on where to find good quality shoes. They did mention makes so you could look these up on the internet to see if they fit your bill. Good Luck!

  • hotter shoes are great...wide and extra wide fittings and not to frumpy but lovely and cushioned

  • I spend all summer - and autumn and Spring, in Karrimor walking sandals, they have nice slightly supportive soles and lots of velcro straps so you can adjust for the shape of your foot and any swelling. I can't afford proper shoes for the winter so I just suffer in some old leaky ones or wear Karrimor walking boots which are very wide fitting with my special insoles the podiatrist made for me. xx

  • Discuss this problem with your GP. He should be able to get you seen by a Podiatrist and possible with treatment may be able to prescribe adapted shoes

    Good Luck


  • Hotter clRks kart ignore all good. I went yo podiatrist as bob says. He told me to buy wide fitting Clark's shoes and put splints in them. They do help xx

  • I always use Hotter shoes, find them very comfy, wide fitting and adaptable,.

  • I like Josef Seibel shoes. not that cheap, but they last well and the soles are brilliantly springy, plus the leather uppers are really lovely and soft. not sure about wide fittings though. My feet are fairly wide and they are fine. I get plantar fasciitis, so need good shoes.

  • I always now use wider fitting shoes . They have a website and do have some more fashionable stuff. I find I just have to use my orthotics and try them wherever I go


  • hi everyone, I have just got 2 pair of Sketchers, "go walk" for the summer, they come in a range of half sizes, and if bought or ordered of the sketcher site, a range of width fittings, before these came along, suffered the usual Velcro hiking sandals, (not quite as smart as the go walks) In winter, I buy lightweight, wide fitting trainers, (get mine from a catalogue, as sports shops do not deal with wide fitting.

  • I am in the UK and get mine from the hospital. you can get two pairs. they also do any repairs. plenty of styles.

  • have a look at Heavenly Feet online......i have had a few pair from them and they can be both comfortable as well as reasonably fashionable......have a look anyhow.....XX

  • have a look at Heavenly Feet online. i have bought a few pairs from them and they can be comfortable as well as reasonably fashionable.....XX

  • i forgot to rheumy nurse eat me alive for wearing FLATS......"never" said she, "NEVER wear flat shoes, sandals, slippers when you have RD" end of comment......


  • Thanks everyone xx

  • I am a grandma but still like to be stylish, in fact my daughter and even grand daughter 'borrow' my clothes from time to time. I wear 'Hotter' shoes which can be purchased from a catalogue and on line, but I am lucky because my local shoe shop stock them.

  • Rockport shoes with Adiprene technology insoles are marvellous. Not cheap but if you search for last season's shoes in the sales it makes them affordable. I have a pair of suede trainer/sneaker style and another really smart and fashionable ballet flats. Toms are nice for summer - very lightweight and supportive.

  • Thanks for the heavenly shoe site it's brill I have UCTD and I have problems with my feet but shoe are a passion . I have some amazing pairs I can't wear now but I open the cupboard and dream maybe some day I will again , the styles are brill on this site my 21 year old is drooling over some , we were going to order some but her size is out of stock so she is going to check daily over a couple .

  • I use Cosyfeet - not as old fashioned as the name might suggest!!

  • hi does anyone have the website to the shoes you can get from the hospital at all?? thanks

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