To shoes or not to shoes?

ok three days feel better, going out tonight and can actually put on makeup and get dressed a bit easier. Now I have only worn my shoes with splints for ages, you have one hour whoever is around we leave at 7.15pm.

Do i try my "nice" but bad for feet shoes but oh so lovely or go in the splint shoes. Cant put the splints in the nice shoes? No maybe this is daft but they are looking at me pleading to go out they have been stuck there for three years?


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  • Live dangerously - Take the nice going out shoes! Clemmie

  • I'm the opposite - don't do it! On top of swimming and everything it could just be a "step" too far. Wait 'till next week, and will also mean another excuse to dress up...


  • I hate to say this but I agree with Polly. You don't want to risk jepardising this spell of relative calm really?

    I'm out tonight and have opted for Fitflop boots with orthotics over the trendier Fly boots with wedge heels because my youngest dragged me all the way round the bird reserve today with the dogs. I could barely walk about half way round and was virtually crawling when we got home. The hail hit us in the face as the gale force winds blew and my poor toe pads are still hot and swollen now 3 hours later. So I've cast vanity aside as haven't got the car and am going to have to hobble down the hill to the film club where my friend will be waiting with a bottle for us both hopefully! Her car has broken down so I do have to get myself there and back - ouch!

  • Oh I understand your dilemma on this Allanah. Hmm. I would say go in your nice shoes but leave your others in the car so that you can do a switch if you need to. The benefits of feeling glam again outweigh the risks for tonight. Have a lovely time. xx

  • Decision's Decision's Decision's Do i wear mines or Fran's shoes, have a great night A. Matt

  • As long as it's not her underwear lol ooooh missus !

  • My attitude is - I'm in agony whatever I wear so I might as well have a reason for the pain and look nice. Clemmie

  • Had a great night, just in! Wore the shoes to walk( hobble) into the restaurant , took them off under the table, didn't go to the loo and hobbled out again hanging onto Ian lol! But felt a little feminine yeah, thanks for the help ! Xx

  • Oh and wore a more compromise one with slightly thicker heels but still nice , not the absolutely killer heels!

  • I sadly gave away all my heels when I moved. No use tricking myself any more that I would ever wear them again. Ho Hum granny shoes!

  • I considered it but I just like looking at them cos they all have good memories of party nights! But I wore a pair with heels but a bit thicker. Katy and her boyfriend said I looked like Bambie learning to walk but I only had to go from. The car to the pub and back, held up by hubby! But I felt so girlie ! Ache a bit today but think for a one off night it was worth it to wear a dress again with shoes!!! Hugs A xx

  • I love the chance to wear my girlie shoes too. I have a wardrobe full but just like you I wear them to go in somewhere and come out and never move from the table either. At least it makes me feel a little more normal x

  • Yes! Up till now I couldn't get any on cos of the swelling so it was great! But nice to get the legs out for an hour lol xxx

  • hope you enjoyed yourself and are not suffering today LOL.

    sending hugs if you are.


  • Jeez Chris my friend drove me to the cinema as she had a spare ticket! Unexpected surprise, saw 12 years as a slave, very sad but beautifully filmed.

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