Orthopaedic shoes and nasal ulcers

Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me with these two problems.

I have been told I need to have an assessment for orthopaedic shoes. I have had insoles in my shoes for ten years for RA feet. My right foot is painful, lopsided and swells up. After a CT scan I have been told that I have inflammation, synovitis, and general soft tissue damage. The orthopaedic consultant told me there is nothing else he can do but for me to try orthopaedic shoes which I am not keen on. It is bad enough wearing old lady type shoes anyway. I know all this is vanity on my part!

Does anyone else wear these type of shoes and what is your experience?

As to the nose problem, I am suffering from nasal sores at the moment, due to mtx and wondered if anyone had any tips for treating them.

Many thanks


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  • Hi as your on about feet ,mine are killing me at the moment they are all red underneath at the back of my toes plus all the skin is flaking off, my wife pedicures them for me and puts cream on them but they are still sore

  • I have worn these shoes for around 5 years as my knees and ankles are twisting and if I could walk I would be walking on my right little toe to get my ankle in line with the hip. Naturally this causes pains in the hip and the muscles in my back as they are pulled round.

    OK the shoes do not look nice but I put pain relief above everything. They cannot make them so I walk in my little toe for obvious reasons. You can choose different designs.

    For nasal problems I buy [over the counter - sus someone out to bring it back for you that is my solution] from Spain, in UK available on prescription only. RINOBANEDIF. Up to you whether you use this or not but I would talk to the GP first. The English sort on prescription is the same as the one form Spain.

    I also use eucalyptus essential oil on my pillow at night - but don't get it on your face or eyes. I put it on a wheat pillow at the side of my sleeping pillow.. Let me know how you get on.

  • I found the (private) podiatrist that I saw was very helpful about footwear. (The NHS one was not, just gave me a lecture about not wearing high heels! - as if I could). She got me to bring in shoes that I wore, gave me some catalogues and advised about the correct support I needed as well as making me customised insoles.

    I now wear mostly boots (Hotter do lovely colours) and even dance in boots - the pink ones!

    I found that the nasal sores I got were related to rosacea - treating that has done the trick. But mine were definitely associated with small boils which popped and then ulcerated, so yours may not be the same. I get these at the side of my nails as well.

  • With regards to the Nasal ulcers, I also get these quite regularly, I am also of the mindset that they're due to mtx. I get cream called naseptin from my gp. It definitely helps.

    Hope this helps, take care x

  • I found Naseptin very good too for nasal sores caused by mtx.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I will go with an open mind about the shoes, if they improve the pain that will be great.

    My nose is now improving after bathing it with salt and water, but they are taking ages to go this time. I will have to see gp I think, they are a recurring problem.

  • I have got orthopaedic shoes which are very comfortable. Both my feet are deformed. Got bunions and claw toes. I am due to see the orthopaedic consultant in 2 weeks time, to consider surgery for bunions and claw toes. I would be interested to know if any body has had foot surgery.

  • Hi Bev. Yes, I wear them. They certainly help with the foot pain, tho it neatly killed me having my foot measured, as the person responsible didn't seem to know about mid foot pain and RA. The shoes are kind of chunky, but you do get to look thru a catalogue and choose colour and style. I used to love wearing doc martins in my ok foot days, so I'm actually ok with the ones I've chosen. You get to choose a second pair too. Give it a go. It's a good idea just to have the choice of wearing something you know is kinder to your feet. You can always put on a different pair on good days. And if you're feeling ventures and hate them that much, then custom design them to suit yourself. Paint flowers on them or something . Hope you get on alright. You may be surprised. All the best. Tawnie

  • Hi Driffield and Tawnie, Thanks for your replies I feel a lot more positive after your feedback. I too have midfoot and ankle pain and swelling. No-one seems to know what to do about midfoot pain!

    Thanks again


  • Hello Bev,

    I have found ordinary Vaseline (the clear jelly-like substance, not any moisturiser/cosmetic) to be really helpful. It's not too expensive to try to see if it works for you, either. Good luck.

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