Do you have a problem finding shoes?

I always loved wearing nice shoes but now i find i spend most of my time in trainers but i am going on holiday soon and i would love to be able to find shoes that are comfortable and still look nice and be reasonably fashionable and then i could wear dresses or skirts for a change. I managed to find a pair of white sandals a few years ago that were quite comfortable and i am still wearing them occasionally but they are past their best now. I don't know why shops can't cater better for people with foot problems. x

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  • Yes! I have exactly the same problem. Apart from trainers, the only shoes I can wear are the flat 'ballerina' style which only just cover my toes from Next, I get a size bigger than I used to get. A chiropodist pointed me in the direction of Hotter shoes. They look expensive and I haven't tried any on. Also, Shoe Tailor is an online catalogue and they can provide about 3 different width fittings. Again, I've only looked but there are more up to date options on there.

    Am looking forward to see what other people say.

  • www. jd,uk they are a catalogue provider with huge range of shoes ,I got some from them when I wasnt well enough to go shopping got some padders for work x

  • I have the same problem, I was a few years ago advised to buy hotter shoes and I understand there around £80 but they were well worth it.

    I since then was told I needed the prescription custom made shoes and believe me these are hideous!!

    I do find some nice pumps and flat shoes that I can wear while in my wheelchair however I could never actually walk in them :/

    I've also bought some off the toning trainers and find these really comfy too.

    Good luck with your search

  • I just bought some lovely shoes and sandals EEEE fitting (yes - swollen/wide feet + bunion) from Most are leather inside and out, and are from the cushion-walk range. I like them because they are modern, have discreet velcro fastenings and are not completely flat like ballerina shoes (I get aching calves with those). Good luck!

  • Thank you all so much for your replies, i will check online at the suggested sites. xxx

  • Hi my main problem is my feet especially the balls of feet,and the best sandals I have and give me no pain are fitflops,I have brought sparkly colours and they are so comfy,also sketchers are good take care Michelle xx

  • Thanks Michelle, i will have a look at fitflops xx

  • HI, I would second fitflops brand too, you could try the fitflop trainers - think they are called Fitflop Supatones. I have lovely hard long prescribed insoles to hold my feet together and they go well into the supatones. Deep cushioned soles and lace up but I can wear them with skirts/dresses and jeans etc. I would prefer some lovely summer sandals but can't manage them anymore (apart from special occasions!)so these are bearable as an option. I have a few colours and they often sell off last season's online in sales so much cheaper than full price. Fitflop also do have some sandals with the same soles as well. Best wishes.

  • Thank you for that information, i had never heard of fitflops. I will have a look at the trainers they sell. Have a nice day xx

  • Try Cosyfeet - they have some lovely shoes (and VAT free if registered disabled!).

  • Thanks for that, i will have a look at them too. x

  • I sooooo know where you are coming from! When I find a pair of shoes I get on with, I wear them til they literally fall apart - and sometimes beyond that too!!

    Have you ever tried Crocs? I got a pair of imitation ones, in pink with diamante flower trim and find them quite comfortable - yay!!

  • Thanks, I have never tried them but will have a look. pink and diamante sounds lovely. x

  • Try Pavers or Padders online for comfy shoes which are fashionable but not as wide options as Cosyfeet, who can be a little less fashionable but they do go up to EEEE. I swear by Clarks Unstructured range which have a soft removable/washable/breathable semi orthotic in them. Gentle general underfoot support. Nice styles and D/E fittings. Clarks Wavewalk have brilliant supportive soles too but more casual. Have them on as I type! Many are slip on or one touch/Velcro. Many general Clarks shoes have a D and E option. Also a friend of mine who is a large but young fashionable girl, gets nice wide comfy shoes from Evans and Dorothy Perkins larger fittings. Fly London have a lot of comfy one touch fashionable shoes but pricier. Very funky though! I had some hospital orthotics made from a very slippery synthetic material. DId tell them they wouldn't suit as synthetic material makes my feet sweat rivers! They did!! My toes slid to the end of my shoes when I wore these horrible inner soles and also under my sole made a loud rasping noise ... Which I discovered as I was walking past a very handsome man in my local library! I just kept my head up ... Carried on ... Pretending this rasping wasn't emanating from me!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I chucked the hospital inner soles! ) ;-) x

  • Sorry Cosyfeet up to EEEE. Padders/Pavers D or Comfort Fit I think they call theirs. I get my Mum these too as many have little perforated holes for air vents too.

  • Thank you for the information, I didn't realise that there was such a good choice. I will check them all out, although i think i will skip the hospital orthotics lol. xx

  • I was given horrible NHS orthotics when I first was diagnosed. RA gives makes the feet flat. i have had a problem finding shoes to accommodate them. Now have spent a fortune on speciallyk individually made orthotics and these are much thinner and much neater. However still have a problem as RA has also given me bunious and distorted toes so still have to have a larger size shoe. Have tried Cosy Feet and other makes but still find trainers the most comfortable which means I live in trousers. Would love to be able to wear pretty shoes again but I am old now so it doesn't matter so much.

  • Thanks for your reply. I have bought many shoes over the years and they end up being of no use and like yourself i found trainers the most comfortable. I sent a load of clothes to the charity shop last week and there were shoes and sandals with them that were almost new. Take care x

  • Hiya million have you tried fit flops don't be put off by toe post they are fab look on line bit pricey but u wPll live in them wish I had jimmy choose instead tee hee lol mo

  • Thank you for your reply x

  • Hi

    I can't see anybody else has mentioned this make 'heavenly feet' but I have found these quite good and can be bought online.

    Hope you manage to get something to help as good shoes can make a difference.


  • Thank you, i will have a look online for them. It's true what they say, "if your feet are sore then you are all sore" xx

  • Recently I bought some ' easy spirit ' leather sandals from an outlet shop, they are so comfortable & have velcro to fasten, so no fiddly buckles to wrestle with & jewel embellishments on the front & dont look old fashioned like some - Have also seen some on ebay -well worh a look! I actually wore them for a walk without having to wear them in first indoors - a first for me as I have such sensitive skin & blister easily - will be stocking up with more!

  • Thank you Perri for that information. I am delighted with the response from everyone on this site and i will have a look a 'easy spirit' sandals. x

  • Hi

    Shoon are very good (website) and stock lots of European brands which are often softer and inherently more comfortable. Gabor are also nice and cushioned, albeit a bit pricey

  • Thanks Ronnie, i will have a look, i am now spoilt for choice. xx

  • How about wider fitting shoes from M & S? One of the only places I can get shoes as my feet are very wide with a high instep.

  • I also have a very high instep but the main problem is pain in my toes and ankles. I will have a look at M&S shoes, thanks.

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