Gabapentin tablets has anyone had a few drinks of alcohol on them???

I am on them for my pins and needles caused by the Cimzia injections

Hi my hubby has booked an AI holiday for us.... I am currently on six 300mg tablets a day it says avoid alchol which is good advise for all meds but I wondered if anyone has drunk on them and what if any side effects you have had!? I am not meaning go mad but maybe a beer or two in the evening... I would be so grateful for your feed back

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  • I'm not overly comfortable replying to your question but I do feel that this is quite a high dose & as such would have thought if you were advised not to drink whilst taking it then follow that advice, if indeed I'm correct in thinking it is a high dose for pins & needles. It is known to have undesirable effects if you drink whilst on it but just how much it would take for you to experience these would be hard to determine as we all have different tolerances to alcohol. I know it's given in high doses for people with MS, even higher than you're taking, but for more complicated symptoms & whilst not undermining your reason for needing it would think it wise to err on the cautious side. If it was me I think I'd rather enjoy my hols without a drink than risk the side effects. Maybe try low alcohol beer? I know it's not quite the same but some are very like the real thing if it's only the odd one or two you'd like to have & not lots to get the "happy" feeling then all the better! I would ask your GP his honest opinion on this one, as if it was him taking the gabapentin, what would he do? You should get an honest answer that way!

    I do sympathise but hope this doesn't sound as if I'm trying to spoil things or preach, especially as alcohol doesn't agree with me so I wouldn't find it an issue, but if I could drink I wouldn't risk the side effects for couple of beers a night. Others may say it's ok but I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to avoidable side effects & if I could I would at any cost!! ;) Personally, I'd rather enjoy my hols than risk a couple of days not enjoying it. Some of my friends call me the voice of reason, others a killjoy but take it whichever way you wish lol!

  • Check with your doctor or Rheumy but I was told not to drink on it . But the doc will give you the right advice. Xxxx but still have a great holiday , I'm off to Turkey soon and love the heat as I find it reduces my pain xx

  • Just love Turkey so good for RD we are looking at a trip there in September

  • Hubby has said much the same as you we are going for the sun to help me not the wine or beer. Sucks as I do love a drink on holidays. I am going to call my RD nurse Monday to ask I am thinking moderation but do I know what moderation is!!! Sometimes best to avoid totally as one beer can soon be two hey thank you for your reply x

  • Whatever you decide hope you get to de-stress & enjoy the warmth on your bod. Have a lovely time. x

  • Well I'm on Gabapentin and I drink in moderation with them and nothing horrible has happened. I'm on a lower dose but still taking 1000 mg per day.

  • I think your right moderation

  • I asked my chemist yesterday and he looked it up and said it was ok in moderation would a chemist not be correct? Totally agree though hubby says he is taking me for the sunshine and the AI is so he gets a break from cooking and shopping bless him. The suns will be amazing though need some of that vitimin D

  • I am on gabapentin for over 5 years I am a occastionly drinker but I have not has any problems

  • Thank you for your reply that's good to know

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