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Skydive - Well I am 46 today and am celebrating by signing up to do the skydive on 12 May to raise funds for NRAS!

I did a tandem skydive a few years ago to raise funds for a local hospice and it was absolutely brilliant. I was diagnosed with RA just under a year ago and like many others am on a combination of various DMARDS and painkillers, etc,etc....

I think NRAS is fantastic and this site has been great for me with info, support and advice so whatever I raise will be just be a small thankyou to all those at NRAS.

For anyone considering the skydive, I would say go for it if you can - it's one of the best things I have ever done. Go on, I dare you......

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Hi Mags126,

Fantastic news! Thank you :)

For those who do want to take part or fundraise in other ways contact or have a look at the options here -


Online & Social Media Coordinator



Happy birthday mags,hope you have a good day. I don't think i will be skydiving,your brave i'm not.

Love sylvi.xx


Well done and happy birthday Mags hope you're having a lovely day ,Beth :))))


well done you and happy birthday. Do you have a justgiving website you must advertise how we can all support you. I may as well donate as there is no way I would every be brave enough to do that!


Happy birthday Mags and best of luck for the skydive. Tilda x


happy birthday!

I'm 40 this year myself and am thinking of doing something too-you've quite inspired me.



Happy Birthday and good luck Mags! Wish I was that brave! x


Happy birthday Mags

I did a 45 minute top of mountain to bottom in a paraglider and it was amazing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did the paragliding. Just when they say go or whatever DO IT!!! Axx


WooHoo, Mags, Happy Birthday. Yes, to the skydiving fun! I would do it again in a minute, if I could afford it. I would love to jump tandem & get to free-fall next time. I did a static line jump once-a long long long time ago.

Have a great day.


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