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Has anyone had an eye bleed and been treated with injection and laser treatment I have had a dreadful reaction to the Laser treatment

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Had to stop Laser In the middle of the treatment ,as I felt sick and dizzy... when the dr went to get me a glass of water I passed out , when I came round there was a nurse with me I had urinated when I was out . That was on the Friday and I am still experiencing the dizzy sick feeling when using the internet or watching Tv , also have headaches this is now Thursday nearly a whole week . I did phone the hospital the dr was worried but had no idea what to do about it apart from putting the Laser on hold until I see a consultant but to continue with the injections... I must add the Laser was a bit painful but bearable it was the strobe type light that affected me .. I would really appreciate any feedback on this matter ..

thank you xxx

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I would see a dr or optician to find some answers darling. I would go to the opticians first though.xxxx

I'm so sorry to hear you had such awful reactions. I had a eye bleed and had injections every month for 6 months but never a laser. It has now seemed to have cleared up but still go to hospital every 2 months to keep an eye on it. I hope you get this issue cleared up soon and I would go to the optitiions first.

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Thank you for your reply Diddydriver

It does sound like an on going treatment I’m getting to know the staff very well xx hope your treatment continues to go well for you xx

I am very sorry to hear what a frightening experience you have had. I truly do not want to alarm you but have you considered you may have had a seizure ( there can be many triggers but consider the strobe lighting or level of pain you experienced ). My daughter has Epilepsy and the points you mentioned that made me think were urinating, blackout, headaches, dizziness, sick feeling.... anyone, if put under extreme conditions, can suffer a seizure ( this is not to say they have Epilepsy) so I don’t want to over worry you. Who is the specialist you are awaiting to see ( what field) and when? I would strongly suggest you make notes as come your appointment you may forget some very important points they may ask. In particular they would need to know what you experienced just before, did you know you are about to blackout ( a smell, a taste). How long were you out? Did you foam at mouth, make strange noises, any body jerks ( if so exactly how), any chance there was a camera in your room and you could get a copy as vital for your specialist ( or even could you view whilst filming on your phone.... you may ask a friend to do it as you may find it rather stressful to see), log all your ailments since ( like a diary but detailed) , headaches, sleeping pattern, any weaknesses such as in limbs, memory issues, etc. Did you bite your tongue? I would also suspect the staff with you will be able to fill in a lot of gaps / surely they have seen this before? Let me know how you get on and if you need to know any more, just ask. I would listen to your body, rest where necessary and make sure you drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy with frequent food. Limit “ gadget” use as it stimulates different parts of the brain. Be good to yourself as if it was a seizure it really does take its toll on the body! Best of luck.

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Hi Deniseelk

Thank you for your response ,

I do feel as if I had a seizure, when I was a teenager I used to have mild epileptic fits they said I would grow out of it and I did , but this does bring back memories I’m now 64 .. as for recording no one is allowed in the room with you , just myself and the dr doing the treatment, my husband had to sit in the corridor and the nursing staff came in later .. big warning signs on the door !!! The drs say it happens a lot with patients with there first time Laser( fainting and urinating ) then the rest of the treatments go well ..

But they have never known anyone to be effected for so long I don’t think I’m prepared to go through that again , I have been keeping a diary of events after the treatments ( great minds think alike) I would be very interested to hear more about “gadget” if you don’t mind xxx I do rest a lot as I have a few medical problems thank again xx Magz

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That’s interesting and at least you are fully aware of how a seizure feels, albeit some time ago. By “ gadgets” I mean laptops , mobile phones, etc... those things with “ blue light”.... nothing more technical than that. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery back to normal.

That must have a been really worrying, I'm sorry. I can only think to try & get an appointment with your Optometrist, see if there's anything underlying that should be checked further.

I think the reason you're having problems with TV & a computer/laptop/tablet is they do strobe, though it's very quick we normally don't notice it. You're obviously particularly sensitive to strobing at the mo so I'd mention this to your Optometrist.

Was it vision correction laser treatment?

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Hi Nomoreheels,

No it wasn’t vision correction treatment, I have three blood clots stuck in the vain in my eye and an eye bleed leaking into the back of my eye distorting my sight and causing my retina to swell just in one eye (thankfully ) they injections are to dry my eye and seal the leakage , Laser to disperse the blood clots or reduce them ( not to sure ) I now have an appointment with the consultant but not until the beginning of November they are so busy they had to fit me in by the way I do think your right about the strobe light xx thanks Magz

Many years ago I use to get eye bleeds or Red eye from time to time. I have to say I mainly ignored it.I was eventual dx with pre glaucoma and had laser treatment. This worked for a couple of years until I had to use drops to keep the pressure down. I had problems with my right eye after a cataract on my right eye, last year. I now have drops for that eye 4 times a day and will be having laser again to try and reduce the drops. You haven't said what they said you have wrong. You need to see your GP as it would seem you need further investigations. Take care. X

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,Hi Gigi71

Thanks for your response

I have three blood clots stuck in the vain in my eye and an eye bleed leaking into the back of my eye distorting my sight and causing my retina to swell just in one eye (thankfully ) they injections are to dry my eye and seal the leakage , Laser to disperse the blood clots or reduce them ( not to sure ) I now have an appointment with the consultant

My dr sent me straight to the eye hospital as he said eyes are a specialist job lol xx hope the rest of your treatments go well for you good luck xx Magz xx

Hi Magz168. Just wish we could be of more help, although Deniseelk has very helpful suggestions. This forum is for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis/Disease, and sincerely hope you don't suffer as well. Many of us have other health issues including eye problems, but not specifically. Eye clinic's seem to be particularly long as I know myself. There are also 3 forums for epilepsy they may be of interest to you. Thank you for your wishes and I really do hope when you see the consultant he is able to help you, all best wishes. X

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Hi Gigi71

Please accept my apologies for hijacking the page, I do suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis but Iam pleased to say my tablets have got it under control at the moment I have posted on this forum before but it was referring to my arthritis problems xx so sorry i just didn’t realize yours sincerely Magz xx

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Please don't apologise Magz. Should be me apologising to you. So pleased to hear to you are in meds remission with you RD. Sometimes people pop on here without realising it's a Rhuematoid forum. Do you live anywhere near Moorfields and can be referred on. My next step would have been there last year, but my consultant managed to put the lens in the back of my eye after the catteract op she performed failed. A friend also had two successful ops on his eyes after failed ops in our local hospital. It's such a worry. Take care. X

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