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Hi everyone, so sorry I have not been around in the past 4 months. Blimey where does the time go? I have been quite poorly this past 4 to 6 weeks. Got my pred down to 10mg and was so pleased with myself. Then my asthma kicked back in after 2 yrs of not suffering and no inhalers. I actually ended up on a nebulizer or I would have had to be hospitallised. I have had 2 infections which made me have to stop my methotrexate and Humira injections and they increased the pred back to 30mg.

Will I ever get off this damn stuff? Been virtually housebound for the past month.

My hubby been fantastic as has my 8yr old daughter. And of course my boy Harley is brill.

Anyway, none of my illnesses are under control or in remission. The RA is the worse.

So that's me for now, hope you are all coping good.

Keep smiling

Sue x

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So sorry to hear of your recent ill health Sue, and now the added lung problems. It never rains but it pours. Hope things improve soon. xx


me too cos it's driving me nuts. Thank you xx


Sue i am so sorry your back where you shouldn't be after all the effort you put in to get off the steroids. Asthma is a pig isn't it as i know,though touch wood mine is controlled. I hope you soon feel better and soon lick the steroids in touch. Big hugs from me.xxxx


thanks much appreciated x

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I've been in similar situation, tapering pred has urgency as blood sugar levels were soaring. One thing seems to help,another doesnt




I hope you can make some progress sue. After my experience with pred I will be very cautious.


been on it 2 yrs for the PMR but nothing is working for the RA so coming off pred completely I think is a very long way off :(


Someone suggested I go down on alternate days eg 10/9 for a week the 9/8 etc. have they tried you on biologics?


I am on Methotrexate injections a DMARD and Humira injection Biologic or anti tnf as they call it


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