hiya all

hiya all

Im just back form a wonderful relaxing spa weekend for my friends 50th birthday. Had a mud wrap and relaxing massage (good for the joints) we all had a great laugh and i think you will be proud of me. I managed to pace myself!!!!! i just went up to my room when tired and had a lie down when i needed it! then they went for a walk on the last morning and i thought i cant do that so i just said i would love to have peace and quiet here and no one bothered ! if you want to google Rockcliffe Hall Darlington that where we were and I would recommend it, particularly the hydrotherapy , spa and treatment areas.

RA wise i feel a bit less stiff on my Orencia infusions. My abseccess are clearing up with antibiotics and antifungals and this morning i did my first insulin injection, much much less painful than the RA ones!! so I have them twice a day and see nurse next week again. Have written out the medical form for the DVLA , my nurse said I will still be fine for driving. See hand specialist nurses this week and get steroid injection on wednesday (expect blood sugar to go up that day) and Glasto is in two weeks!!! yeah, moving in the right direction i think xxxx

does anyone know how to delete a photo when you are editing a post?? wasnt gonna use this one but hey its me and daughter at block 9 at Glasto last yea xx

hope you are all well Axx

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  • OMG allanah it's like I'm looking at my aunt in law in your photo! So similar facially before she had all her problems & unfortunately passed away last year. Just showed it my H & I said "who's that?" & said the same!

    Anyway, so pleased you had a smashing time, especially with all you're going through. Its lovely your friends just accept that you take yourself off if things are too much.

    Hope all continues to go well & you're as fit as a fiddle as you can be for Glasto.

    Hopeless at fiddly things so no idea with photos but sure someone else more techie minded will come up with something. x

  • Not sure if I want to look like a dead auntie in law!! Didn't want this photo up as it is nt good of us but have now been on HU support and they are gonna email me advice xx!

  • Now you know I didn't mean it that way! You wouldn't look good either if you were. It's a lovely photo......whatever!

  • I know ! Lol x

  • Sounds like you are on the up! Keep on with the good work. Clemmie

  • Hoping so !

  • So good darling that you had a good time.xxxx

  • thanks sweetie xx glad your hols went well

  • Hi so pleased you are doing better. Enjoy glasto will look forward to hearing about it xx

  • thanks, yes i hope the steroid jab on wednesday will help, rock and roll!!

  • Ooo was just saying at work today that I need a nice relaxing spa break! Glad you had a good time x

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