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Due to start Cimzia next wk!!!

Hi All - hope you are well?

Just a quickie to update every one.

Had my final assessment about two and half wks ago. Got the phone call on tuesday to arrange delivery and then to book nurse to demonstrate/teach how to administer the drug. I am due to start next wednesday.

I should mention that I had a flare the jubilee week and could not get to the hospital as the first two days I could not walk and there was noone available to take me up to the hospital later on that wk. So watched the jubilee celebrations from my bed in my bed room in flare up pain.

When I had to go for my final assessment the rheumy nurse convinced me that I should have a steroid injection as my joints were still warm & swollened and she feared I would flare up again - soon. Crying and really upset as I had already given 5 vials of blood for the anti tnf screening (hep and tb etc), earlier that morning, relunctantly I agreed. For all those that know me I am really scared of injections. Well on that day the giving blood nurse was really good and it did not hurt, neither did the steroid injection. I might add the rheumy nurse used a needle with the smallest needle, to minimise the discomfort I might feel!

Really glad that I had the steroid injection because I feel much better now and I am virtually experiencing no pain and thats 2.5 wks later. I have some discomfort form stepping down the oral steroids. Let me tell you, the first few days of 4mg was agony, but I persevered and feel much better now.

I will definately have the steroid by injection again sometime in the future and I am hoping that the effects last until the end of school term at least, but secretly hoping it will lasts until the end of the school hols.

Take care all and thanks for reading my blog

Joanne :lol:

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Hi Joanne

I'm due to start Cimzia next week too although I have been on anti-TNF for a few years now. I absolutely hated needles too and still don't particularly like them but it's amazing how quickly you get used to it and now I can go for my regular blood tests and B12 injections without that horrible knot in my stomach.

When I fist started on Enbrel, it came as a kit and I had to mix the powder with the saline, then draw it up into the syringe and then administer it. It's all so much simpler now.

Good luck with your 'tuition', I'm sure you'll be fine.

B xx


Hi B

I still have a fear. Most of the time the blood takers do it good, but I have on at least 2 occasions, where they have butchered me and caused bruising to my arm for at least a week. I still have fear each time I go and give thanks when I come out and its been alright.

Because of the steroid I am excited, but still apprehensive about taking anti tnf, the lure of feeling better as in more mobility, less pain & fatigue is strong!

Wish you luck with cimzia - they say that you feel great on the loading dose. For me that will mean I can be more active over the school hols!

Take care hun,



That's all great news Sci - well done you for getting through a big hurdle! I SO very much hope that the Cimzia does the trick with your RA. Tilda xxx


Hi T

really suffering in this humidity, was votmitting yesterday. Pretty sure its not an infection as I had a stinker of a headache due to the heat & humidity yesterday. When I can't releive a headache its makes me vomit.

I suffer with heat exhaustion - which it seems ra has intensified.

Thanks for your support :D



Hi Joanne, we must have had our steroid injection about the same time, I'm also feeling a little better as far as stiffness and pain goes, but struggling with BP, went for walk with hubby yesterday and my legs were like lead, this morning my BP was so low( on meds to lower it) I could hardly get out of bed so had a lazy day today, I was reading about the side effects of these steroid injections and the only thing I could find was if you take it regularly not if you are given the odd boaster of 120mg every couple of months, apparently both can put BP up! so hope you get on well with needles this time, when you are the one in control I'm sure it won't hurt so much, ps my nurse didn't even bruise my bottom, but I still have the bruise from March's stab. I see my Rheumy nurse on Tuesday don't know what will happen, I'm toying with returning to MTX but change my mind everyday. on the up side I haven't taken one painkiller all week. Hope the same goes for you.


Hi Caggy

I don't have BP problems and my blood results (touch wood), so far have ben good and don't reflect my disease activity, which is not uncommon.

I am still taking pain killers, but at a reduced amount; I think this is because I am still stepping down with oral steroids. What I will be like when I am completely off them who knows, but I am hoping cimzia will help on that front.

Hope you get your Bp under better control in the future.

Cheers Joanne x


Finally! I really. Hope this is the drug for you and gets you to a pain free state in time for the holidays. And I'm a total wuss about injections, so good luck. Px


Cheers Hun,

here's hoping it all comes good for the summer.

I know how you feel regarding injections, funny I am not fussed about doing them myself, its other peps doing them that I don't like.

Take care Jx :)


Hi J

So glad you are getting sorted cos the last few weeks have been so hard for you. Its great news and I'm sure you will "bite the bullet " and be doing your injections. Its great when you can and you are settled on the injections cos u only have to go for blood monitoring and it cuts down the hospital visits which for me is lovely to have the extra time.

Keep going girl, summer holidays looming!! :)



Many thanks for your kind supportive words,

If I could only get my gp to prescribe injectable mtx, then every thing would be pucca, but the hospital are very accommodating as they allow me to get 8wks supply of mtx on each occasion.

Good news is the consultant says is everything ok with the next bloods (don't have to do blood until August), then I will be going onto 3 monthly blood obs. Can't wait.

Joanne x


Hello Joanne glad to hear your good news, glad that things have calmed down a bit. I am not afraid of needles but its a nuisance having deep veins however, i have a nurse who takes blood with the minimum of fuss and pain, she says that she feels for the veins instead of looking for them as it is easier. Easier for me too.

Good luck with the cimzia next week!!!


Thats great news! I've been looking out for a post from you knowing you were waiting to start.

Good luck tomorrow, hope all goes well and that you'll keep us up-dated xx


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