Rheumy said

Well had my appointment. So now can't walk , have massive lumps on hands feet legs wrists and ankles. So I just went in and said can u put up with a miserable woman on your Friday afternoon clinic.

So he said well I think you are in for a long haul, as I said come on now 2 years is enough! He said keep on the Humira and ARava and have steroid injections one yesterday, another two monthly as well. So he said if I was going to glasto now, I wasn't well enough, but I said well you have two month to cure me!! Thus the above plan! I asked about extra therapy or more often therapy but he laughed and said you are on three things, well that's true!!

So keep on with physio, when inflammation settled will see hand and foot doctors.

I asked the question about seronegative RA that you asked me o. So he says sero negative RA normally stays sero negative but certain medicines can change it to sero positive!! But not Humira. He said that seronegative generally causes less joint damage than sero positive, but there is always exceptions and the treatment is the same anyway. So there you go, out of the mouth of genius boss.

So I will hang on in here resting today after the steroid but immediate cold came last night. I always pick things up in hospitals!,

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  • Oh dear Allanah - but I do like the sound of your tone with rheumy though sounds like quite a good and mature working relationship to me? I bet he looks towards to your consultations just because you are so resolutely funny despite pain and adversity. Must make a change for him - bet not many patients can quip like you? Shame about the steroids though as i was thinking you could save them for Glastonbury but guess you can always have more if Humira isn't working its magic by then - as I sincerely hope it will be. Xxx

  • It's ok as I am having another steroid jab the end of may and one before Glastonbury!! He says why do I want tobe with all those hippies anyway xx

  • Ha ha sounds like you've met your match Allanah! Xxxx

  • Hee Hee funnee xx

  • Well i know if i am still like this just before i go on holiday i am going to see if i can have an steroid injection as i would like to be able to enjoy my holiday.xxxx

  • Hi Allanah, you haven't been on Humira long have you?

    wow 56 comments on your weeeeee blog, of to read that :) xxx

    ps. is that a record? (5 posts)

  • No I have a record, ............ Lol

  • Hi Allanah hope the steroid works for you and helps get you in better health for Glastonbury as I know how much you enjoy it and look forward to going. hope the cold gets better soon too


  • HI Allanah i am very sorry to hear that you not so good. i'm sure your positivity will help you and the steroids. I Hope the meditation on monday will help you to. Just think of the stones strutting there stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx

  • You shall go to the ball, well Glastonbury! Hope Humira works soon but least you can have steriod before you go.

  • Sending big hugs to, Take Care xx

  • Thanks everyone in bed at 9 pm, lovely if you want to visualise, strong pills and water and tissues at the side of the bed. About 6 pillows, double duvet for my poorly joints and feet as suggested on her under me, duvet over me , but of course a silk nightie!!! For once didn't even take off my makeup as I felt so ill!!!!!!,so mascara eyes, yech, I never do that usually! It decleor tone, cleanse, moisturise!!!

    So you can guess oh slept in the spare room lol , bless him :)

    Resting today to try and let the steroid work, suspect that why I have this plague but don't think I will manage meditation tomorrow as I am too busy coughing mu guts up .

    Sound gorgeous ? Well at least you don't have to look!

    Have a good day all.

  • So sorry your having such a rotten time I really hope them steroids work soon . Sending you gentle hugs xx

  • Hope your cold soon goes and fingers crossed for the steroids and humira. Keep thinking of Glastonbury!

    Caroline. x

  • Awwe poor you!!......get well soon


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