Foot,hand and mouth disease and Enbrel

Grandson has got foot,hand and mouth disease and I am due to baby sit but I am on enbrel 25mg twice a week and wondered if I shouldn't sit for him.

Not sure if this illness is one to avoid or not, hevalso has 2 siblings so I expect them to get it as well. Even if I don't baby sit it's hard not knowing if I should go visit him or not,

opinions very welcome.

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  • granddaughter had mhf last week I am on tocil gp advised no contact for 10 days but I already had been with her before we knew the poor wee soul had it. got bloods done and everything was ok. hope this helps. if your white cells are low best to avoid contact

  • A chemist might have advice. Cicely.

  • You are at risk of getting the virus if you have not already had it -and most adults have had it, usually so mildly that they didn't notice it, so difficult to tell!

    Only you can decide whether it is worth risking it. It's not likely to make you very ill, but if you do catch it while immunosuppressed, you will not be able to fight it off as well as a small child does.

  • I agree completely! You do not want to take a chance as your immune system is compromised and so even if you were protected previously ie. Previous disease, you could possibly contract it again is my understanding. Better safe than sorry. Good luck. Doreen

  • If you look at NHS website it states that your infectious for up to a week, I would look at what it says then make your decision.

  • Thank you all ,Think I will just send Grandad

  • I understand that they are past the contagious phase when they no longer sport a fever. I spent Thanksgiving weekend (Canada) with my nephew who had it at the time, though I made sure not to give him any cuddles and to wash my hands frequently. My sister (his mother) is going through chemo for breast cancer, so I thought it hard to justify my staying away from her son when she was assuredly more at risk than me.

    Good luck!

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