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Enbrel delivery - half of usual amount

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Well, half a loaf is better than no bread, but I was a bit taken aback today when Healthcare at Home (HaH) only delivered 4 injector pens, rather than the usual 8.

Nothing to worry about really, as my son currently has a slight surplus, as he agreed to switch to Erelzi but although he felt the medicine was effective he suffered a lot from the delivery mechanism, so asked to switch back to Enbrel. Anyways, he has built up a slight surplus over time (having failed to stick to his weekly Erelzi injections) so can live with the reduced delivery without too much bother.

Note enclosed with delivery says "Unfortunately we do not have sufficient stock to complete your prescription. We owe you : 4 Enbrel Injection Solution 50mg, (Pre-filled pen)". An IOU for meds - who'd have thought?

DON'T PANIC - it may well be a very temporary blip in the supply chain, as can happen from time to time. I did not post this with the intention of raising anyone's stress levels. No point in worrying about things which are out of your own control anyway. Just thought it might be as well to mention it. And am still in two minds as to whether it would have been better not to.

(Coo.... and all without mentioning the B word)

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Have they said they will deliver the rest that are due? You sound quite relaxed about it!

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I didn't want to spread fear and panic on the Forum.....anyways I kind of was anticipating a shortage at some point for whatever reason....no supply chains are perfect. Working hard to stay relaxed....and no they haven't said when the rest may turn up.

My delivery changed to monthly with no explanation recently which is a bit of a pain as it gives me time to plan a break away.

Hi, I used to get 4 injections at a time then 8, now I usually get 12! Since I found out how expensive they are I find it quite a responsibility, especially as we tend to get power cuts in the village I live in!!

I’m surprised that this time my delivery is on bank holiday Monday?

I wonder how many I’ll get this time.

The new packaging is ridiculous, I can easily open the outside of the pack of 4 injections but really struggle to open the 2 packs inside !!


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I used to have deliveries by Healthcare At Home but the service became initially unreliable and in due course absolutely appalling to the point my rheumatology department (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) cancelled the contract (for me anyway and I assume other patients). They gave the contract to Boots who have a branch in the hospital so you have the option of collection or delivery and so far it has gone smoothly. I hope you don't end up having the same experience as me.

Good luck

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Hi Peggysboy, no we've been quite happy with the service from HaH to date. Sometimes it feels as if they are trying to sell us something extra (a Sharps bin we don't yet need, or gloves, or a delivery a week or three earlier than we strictly need it) but then they are a business.

I received mine just 5 minutes ago and there’s only 4 with a note saying they owe me 4 😳

You are lucky to get 8 at a time, I can only get 4 from my doctor.

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Hi Psychic, I've no idea what governs the number you get here in the Midlands of England. Are you also in the UK?

They once said they couldn't deliver my prescription as they had run out of ice packs for the packing box, I have also been left without any drugs and many times had hour long waits on the phone to speak to someone. Health care at home are very badly run. There have been lots of posts on here about them in the past. They have been subject of many complaints and subject of investigations due to poor performance. Why they they still have a contract to supply these drugs ?. .... privatisation, profit margins, poor service.

I moved house a year ago, my new hospital don't use HH. It's a great relief.

Hi Mall, sorry to hear you have had bad experiences with HaH. As I've said above, we haven't to date, and feel quite happy with their level of service/responsiveness. Perhaps they have changed for the better these days? Anyways glad to hear that your new hospital doesn''t deal with them. Cheers

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