Cimzia people advice please

Hello hope you are all doing ok - I've just found out I've got a water infection and am starting antibiotics , I know that I can't take my Cimzia jab due to tomorrow but unsure when will be able to go back on it. I've phoned the hospital and left a message and they'll probably call me back in next 48 hours but in meantime I wonder if any of you guys can help .... Thank you Claire

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  • Thanku I had no idea so that helps - hope you're doing ok on your new biologic x

  • You definitely shouldn't inject while you're on antibiotics. I was told to inject as soon as I finished the antibiotics.

  • Hi hosp rang today they said leave just a couple of days when finished antibiotic and then can inject hooray ...panics me when I can't have it hey I'm a Cimzia junkie ! :)

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