Hi All

Had my first of 3 loading dose this afternoon. I did both injections in my tummy - my preferred area and they did not hurt or sting.

Got a slight headache soon after and I've been a sleep all afternoon. Just had dinner and I am heading back to bed.

I was aprehensive at the start, but glad I've started. Thanks for all your support.

Joanne x

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  • Hi sciqueen. I'm doing my first lot tomorrow. I'm a bit worried that I'm going to feel really sick as that's what my rheumy nurse said might happen. I'm going to do mine tomorrow evening so I can go straight to bed.

    Glad to hear you got on alright. Makes me feel a bit easier about it now.

  • Good luck,

    Ive got a massive 15x 8cm allergic reaction to the injection site. It came up within the hr of the injection and continued to swell during the evening. it dloes not hurt, so I might leave it to go down by itself or use arnica gel to reduce the swelling. Hopfully you won't get one of those, as you may be use to injecting anti tnf?

    Hugs Jx

  • Thanks Joanne

    I have been injecting for 6 years so hopefully I should be ok but who knows? I'll let you know how I get on.

    B x

  • glad to hear that Joanne, hope you get a good sleep tonight

  • Well done Sci - you're a star for getting to this point - I'm so hoping you feel okay tomorrow and most importantly that it works! big hug. Tilda xxx

  • How brave! Hope you felt less tired when you woke up this morning. But good sign that the first bit went ok. Take care. Polly

  • Really pleased that you've managed the first hurdle. I hope you have a great response. Well done x

  • yeh, at last! hope you've had a good night xx

  • Hi!

    Well done you! I have been on Cimzia since November, and I hate needles! But am ok now! I have had such a rubbish few months, but am hoping that it will really start working for me - dont give up if it takes a bit longer - everyone is different - BUT having said that - I really hope it works for you!

    Sleep well!


  • Hi All

    Thanks for you encouragement & support.

    Just woken up and have spent the whole day in bed once again. I think this will improve as I was like it when I first started injecting mtx - the initial wk was horrendous how tired I felt, more so than now!

    I've noticed subtle difference so far, but waiting for concrete evidence that it's working, so will keep you all updated as & when.

    Still not well enough to go back to work, using pain meds & anti flams still to control joint pain (its a bit too earlier for cimzia to be doing that), but they seem to be working better and kick in earlier, which I think is good news.

    Take care all & its lovely at moment in Essex. Hope its nice where you are too.

    Joanne :)

  • Well done Joanne,i hope it works well for you. You give us all hope.xxxx

  • Joanne, how does this drug work or how soon can you feel the effects once started?

  • Sounds promising if you feeling some benefits.. whats the situation re allergic reaction at injection site? is it still happening and what does the rhuem team say about it? z

  • Hi Alison

    The injection has allergic reaction swelling has completely gone down without any interrvention by me. I suspect this will happen a few times until I get use to it and then I should not have any reaction at all. I will discuss with gp on next visit!

    Cheers Jx

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