Poor service from health care at home

Heath care at home have now not delivered my injections twice in two weeks. So I have had 2 wasted days waiting in. Last injection on Sunday so going to have to try and contact them. Not impressed that there are only 0845 0870 or 0800 numbers to contact them on I've checked on say no to 0870! As I only have a mobile all of the calls cost me. The initial message lasts over a minute. They make money on all the calls apart from 0800. I was on hold for 15 minutes before I gave up. Seriously not impressed with their service. Rant over! Is anyone else having problems?

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Suggest you complain to your health authority, if no satisfaction your MP. Would be useful if you told NRAS, they're having a watching brief on such problems.

This is totally unacceptable! M x



They only have not delivered once up here, although they cannot give a timed appointment.

I will bring this up I feel and will discuss these problems, on the Patient Participation Group next month as there can also be problems here.

I have just been given my first placing with Healthwatch at the GP Surgery. Also I will discuss this at Healthwatch next week



Hi. Bob ,

I noticed you have mentioned " Healthwatch" a few times on this site- would you be able to explain to me what this is? Is this a charity or patient group? Is there any benefit to those of us diagnosed with RA being able to contribute? Is this an avenue for us to voice our healthcare issues?




Hi Poppylady

Healthwatch are the national consumer champion in health and care. They have been given significant statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services. Their job is to champion the needs of children, young people and adults. You can find out more about them on


(NRAS Helpline)


I have been trying for three month to return expensive medication to them. They say they will come and pick it up but don't turn up, u try too call, your waiting forever. I feel like throwing it out ! X


Thank you x


I was told by HaH you can't get rid of injections/clickpens to anyone else but your homecare delivery company. The pharmacies aren't allowed take them they said. I have four clickpens of Humira to return which will probably wait till I get my next MTX delivery. I haven't had the patience as yet to try phoning HaH to ask them to come for those separately. Prefer to do the two things at the same time but will inform them of course my unused meds need returning for safe disposal.


Dear All

NRAS have been made aware of the issues Healthcare at Home have been experiencing and have been in regular contact with them highlighting your concerns on behalf of RA patients across the UK. We are aware that it will take a little time yet to rectify all the problems they have had regarding distribution and IT support but are assured that things are beginning to improve. H@H are taking our and your concerns very seriously and have also implented a new complaint procedure to ensure that each and every problem is investigated fully and addressed. I have asked them to send me the details of that so as to share it with you here and via other NRAS communications as well via our helpline.

I shall update here as soon as possible.

Kind regards



After 2 emails Health Care at Home have contacted me and arranged a delivery time fingers crossed it arrives!


Well what can I say about healthcare at home. They are seriously incompetent, uncommunicative and they blame everything on computers and telephone problems!! Again since December they have excelled themselves in poor service. Methotrexate and Enbrel due for delivery today surprise surprise NOT they forgot my Enbrel. Rang them at 08.10 they managed to cut me off again after being in cue for 10 mins, then took another 15mins to get through, said they would find out what had happened and call me back to rearrange delivery. Rang them again at 1pm still no answers, rang again finally got through at gone 5pm still no answers still waiting for call back!! Have also complained to my rheumy nurses team, am thinking about contacting BBC watchdog to name and shame them it may be more satisfying than talking to them!


I have tried phoning to arrange a delivery of Simponi but just kept on hold. Tried different times of day with no luck. Sent email but no reply as yet.


Got a response to my email with a date for delivery


Hello - I am new to this forum, and can only thank you for supporting the rights and concerns of those who have to rely on the services of private sector companies such as Healthcare at Home for their supplies of medication. I began treatment on Enbrel two months ago after four years of nsaids and dmards (you know what I mean). I have been shocked to my core that this company can get away with this standard of service! I have experienced flare-ups of my arthritis due to their inability to deliver my medication on time. My ability to function has been directly impacted by their administrative incompetence. Their level of customer service is appalling: they say they will call back and do not, they ignore urgent emails, and it is practically impossible to get through to a human on the phone! I do not like to complain, as every time I have spoken to someone they have been helpful and understanding. However, the number of times I have waited for a return call that is not made has become absurd!

This is not Sainburys home delivery service! This is a private company which makes a profit from a lucrative government contract to deliver vital, specialised medication!

They should not be allowed to get away with this.

I intend to contact my MP as the next course of action, because there is no formal complaints procedure available. The only point of contact is an email address, hahenquiries, that appears to be inundated with complaints.

It is vitally important that this company be taken to task, and be held accountable for their lack of regard for those who need their services.

Please NRAS: take a look at the reviews on the NHS website in the last few months for this company.

It is not right that this is allowed to happen, and that the last resort is to go on the web and try to garner some support from those who have had similar experiences, and from helpful organisations such as yourselves.


Got a message to ring this company who are supposed to deliver my Enbrel. Have tried ringing lots of times - always big queues no matter when I ring - 55 people waiting for example. I've made it up to about 26th in the queue and then just get disconnected from the system.

This is so frustrating -it sounds like I'm not alone with problems like this? How am I meant to communicate with this company? I'm based up in Scotland - who monitors the performance of this company? I have a great rheumatologist and am just so shocked by the poor service of this company.

I'm feeling unwell, I need this medicine and now this company has just reduced me to tears. This doesn't feel like the person-centred, safe, effective care that is the quality mantra of NHSScotland.


Well my injections turned up on the Friday and then they tried to deliver to me again the following Saturday!!! Date on the delivery I refused was the missing one from the 5th March! I have emailed my MP especially about the premium cost phone lines. No sure if it will do any good. I am also going to complain to Rheumatology dept.

Even the drivers aren't impressed with the service as they are getting it in the neck every time they deliver poor guys!

Also I know its a little thing but their uniform has changed from a smart professional looking shirt and tie to a non descript unprofessional looking plain black sweatshirt! This probably sums up the new company running Health Care at Home!!


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