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We had company deliver medication for 5 years with no problems but in the last 8 months they don't deliver time given. They deliver 2 hours late, don't contact you when delayed or let you know they been. My delivery not turn up Friday on hold for 1hour 39 in queue. Called today to rearrange they decided to deliver today but not tell us. My hospital is going to change company to many complaints. This is peoples health.saga goes on arranged delivery to chemist, no they still try home address then tell me someone at my addresses sighned for this. Total idiots at hah.

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  • Hello

    I understand that this is happening quite often now and will be looking into it myself, We live in the country and they are unable to give a time at all. So anything better than the latter cannot be to bad. Sadly I suppose if appointments are not been fulfilled discuss with you RA Nurse


  • I have had the same problem...apparently they have changed delivery drivers.. Not good enough ..was told we are having teathing problems but we will get this resolved ...gave up after contacting them they still tried to deliver my injection . So i phoned ra specialist nurse who emailed themx

  • They have taken over more companies in last few months. They changed drivers round just to have lovely one come dead on 1pm if he early used to sit wait for us to get home.

  • Same here. I've had deliveries for 8 years with no problems.

    But since November it has gone downhill.

    Yesterday the delivery was scheduled between 3.30 and 5.30. So went out in the morning. 11.00 I had a call on mobile saying the driver was knocking at my door and there was no answer!

    He said the driver was ahead of schedule. By 5 hours?

    I don't understand why they are giving us times when they mean nothing.

    I will be having a word when they ring next.

    Let's hope it improves.

  • I had one call due 1-3 called at 4pm driver running late by 4 hrs. If they called and told you cant deliver rather then waste allday. I am always having go at them.

  • Consider yourself lucky.......I have to go to the hospital pharmacy to collect mine! I am with the NHS......does that make a difference?

  • You and me both!

  • We nhs can deliver to chemist as long not lloyds speak to h at h they arranged for me

  • I have had 3 deliveries now and all ok. Last 2 were half an hour late but the driver said the machine we sign not working properly so have to sign paper sheet as well. The only thing that I find a bit weird is that I have my delivery on a monday so I check online Sunday night for delivery time. On sunday it said 11.30 to 1.30 but when I checked monday morning they had changed it to 10.30 to 12.30. I think that happened on the previous delivery as well.

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