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I've been on Methotrexate for a short while and it has brought my white blood cell count down to 0.8, and I'm getting mouth ulcers too, so I have to come off it. I've been given a 3 week course of Prednisolone to take as my joint pain and inflammation is getting worse. I've been advised not to take Naproxen at the same time, so I'm off that as well for the next three weeks.

I hope the Prednisolone is good, as I don't manage very well without Naproxen, it won't take long for me to hit a brick wall if I stop Naproxen (usually within 3 weeks I find it difficult to walk). My Rhuem Nurse said the Dr has to think about what the next medication will be and I will have to have some more tests?

Does anyone know what else they could prescribe me?

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Hi InnerBeauty

It's hard to say exactly what they will try next, but there are still are quite a lot of DMARDs, so I'm sure they will be able to find something suitable for you soon. It's good that they're not rushing the decision, and hopefully the prednisolone will help keep things under control in the meantime.

Our article on DMARDs might help, as it will give you an idea of the drugs used to treat RA:

Kind regards



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I am sorry methotrexate didn't work for you. it didn't work for me either, I was on tablets then injections.

it is hard to say what meds your rheumy might try next. really depends what meds you have already tried.

I am now on biologics but I needed a lot of tests x rays scans mri and then funding for biologics had to be passed as well.

p[ease don't worry as your rheumy will find some med that will work.

some of us take a bit longer just to find the right med to suit us.

the only way to do this im afraid is by trial and error.

hopefully your next med will work and get you back to yourself.

there are a lot of options meds wise now so plenty to try.

hope this helps and try not to worry.

cyber hugs x

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Go on a gluten, dairy sugar free diet..also no night shade veg e.g. capsicum eggplant white potato tomato. It is a permanent and strict diet but better than chemical side affects of tabs. But I got off methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and in the four months I have done this. I have only had six panadol and occasionally use Arnica cream which relieves my pain within seconds.

Hope this helps. I wish you all the best for good health.


Unfortunately it can take some time to find the right drug combination to help. You may qualify for the next stage of treatment with biologics (involves having tried a number of DMARDs, joint counts, blood results) and in my experience they helped me better than the DMARDs as I can only tolerate 200mg hydroxychloroquine. It is thought that biologics work best in conjunction with a DMARD but I had a few without. Details of the biologics can be found on the NRAS website. Farm

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I'm sorry you couldn't stay on MTX, it works well for me but it doesn't suit everyone & you need your WBC count steady to stave off infections. The steroid should bridge the gap before starting another DMARD so you shouldn't miss the naproxen, there are others your Rheumy has available to him but there's no guessing what that could be i'm afraid.

Maybe having read of the options available will help, they're listed further down the page

I hope the next one doesn't cause any problems for you.

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Thank you for all your replies, it's certainly not an easy ride.


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