I am wondering what else I can get?

Went to GP last week because I have been having weirdo things with my heart for about a month. I was hoping they would just go away. They didn't and had a holter monitor and went back today for results. Apparently I have some sort of thing that causes extra heartbeats and he wanted me to go see a cardiologist in another city but I said no it is too hard, so we compromised and he is going to get me in to the cadrio's clinic here just not sure when or how long that will take. Gee starting to wonder if my body is just falling apart at the seams!

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  • Hi Someonesmother, It's good your GP is listening to you about you not traveling and getting treatment locally, Dont now much about the heart but I'm sure someone will give you some advice on it, or you can always pop into the Healthunlocked Heart forum page and read some of the posts, Matt

  • That is a good idea I will check it out. He really wanted me to go to Sydney but as I said I am so damn tired and exhausted from the diseases I already have and now added to that, more exhaustion from my stupid heart doing dumb things, I just couldn't cope.

  • I hope the tests go well for you. I had them as I had atrial fibrillation , a very quick heart beat and extra bears. They proved this on monitors and chemical exercise tests. I now take one tablet a day and have been fine.

    I know there are studies that having RA can contribute to heart problems so all the healthy heart advice is appropriate for us! Diet here I come!

    Hope you feel better soon, it's all coming at once for you isn't it ? XxxA

  • Thanks Allanah. Apparently it is something to do with electrical activity. he didn't say atrial fibrilation and I have to go to a cardiologist that specializes in that problem and can do the testing. I saw a cardiologist in Aug 2011 and had the chemical test it was all good. GP told me he can't give me the medication as it may make it worse and I have to wait and see the cardiologist first, so here I go again the waiting game hahahahah

  • As usual, poor you but I hope they do the test quickly and get you sorted. Feel for you xxxx

  • Oh I am sort of just taking it in my stride now I guess it will be quite a few months unless my GP has other ideas he seemed to want me to go quickly so maybe he is going to pull strings but I won't hold my breath. I think he was a bit worried I would have a stroke or something he told me if any of them last for more than a minuteor so get medical help immediately

  • Well that sounds pretty urgent. How far is the other hospital, are the roads as where you Iive or are you just too exhausted? Thinking of it the heart problem itself could make you feel very tired, maybe when u get the treatment you ought have ore energy, so the tiredness might need the treatment , viscous circle xxx

    Shame you don't live rural for those flying doctors lol xxx

  • haah no that would be worse living rural. It is about 3 1/2 hours and city traffic I just would prefer local than adding all the travel and costs of staying O/n if they want to do testing. I said to GP it is adding to my already exhausted feeling I am yawning by 10am at work whoops! Keep hoping the plaquenil will kick in soon and I will feel like I have more energy but until then I am the sleepy yawning person who has fallen off their chair at work! hahah

  • Well I hope you get the answers you need soon. I am hoping my test results of my biopsy comes through for Rheumy visit tomorrow. Xx

  • Oh yes it is almost the end of the week., that has snuck up. I hope they have them back and you can get the definitive answer. Hoe is the pain from the biopsy? has it settled down more?

  • Yes thanks it's not too painful but they won't take the stitches out for another week! But a big hard using one hand and daren't drive! I asked the rheumies secretary to try to get my biopsy result for my appointment tomorrow, otherwise we will have nothing to argue about! I think he gets angry cos I always say are you sure! Previous experience of being told I have one thing for it not yo be makes me ask lots of question, he always laughs in the end and says yes, just take this lol!

    Hope you get good news soon xx

  • well I hope it all mends nicely and that you get the answers tomorrow. HAhah I argue with mine as well I think because I have been stuffed around so much I won't blindly accept what they are say a bit like you! Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • Hello

    Sometimes I feel the same. They say that a creaking gate lasts longer than a fit and hearty.

    Sometimes people can have an extra beat, I sometimes remember that they can actually, get the heart to start a natural beat.

    Although you need to discuss with your GP and Specialist

    Good Luck


  • Thanks Bpb. Yes I apparently have quite a few too many extra beats hahahah

  • Hi hope you feel better soon, all I can add is if it is AF my mother has suffered for a few years now and it is managed perfectly with Warfarin and Digoxin. She is 73 this weekend and has more get up and go in her big toe than I have in my whole body! Hope you get answers soon. Steph x

  • Hi Steph, I am only 54 but I feel a 100. I guess I will find out exactly what it is when I finally get in to the cardiologist and get the testing done but I am not looking forward to having several electrodes inserted in to my heart to test the electrical activity! eeekkkk

  • Sorry I missed this... I try to keep up with the other Aussies on here but its hard and I do miss a lot of posts.

    Gosh this is no good, have you been to the cardio yet? Had anymore tests? Was it SVT's (supraventricular tachycardia) he was talking about? I know they come in short bursts but also need attention if it keeps going and I guess I'm hoping its that because it isnt as serious as some of the alternatives. Let us know how you got on. (Fingers crossed for you!)

  • Hi Netbuddy. Yes I went to cardio he was shocked that no one has picked up I have Wolff Parkinson White syndrome apart from my GP (including the cardio I saw in 2012 who told me I was fine and to lose weight , exercise and take cholesterol meds which I refused) and I am booked in for an operation on the 6th March to hopefully fix it. I am slightly freaked as it does have risks and I am the queen of Murphy's Law as evidenced by my experiences so far. hahahah

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