knees are playing up : (

hi, ive started lately having very swollen knees all the time. i find them very uncomfortable, i used to just get swollen knees if i was walking but now its all the time. ive started to walk funny as well. about 3 years ago i had loads of fluid drained about 13ml and steroid injection in my right knee. at the moment im not on treatment but im off for my first infusion of rituximab on the 28th feb

im dosed up on painkillers and elevate my legs whenever i can and i know it will be a while before the treatment starts to work i just dont know how long i can cope with the pain and uncomfyness for. x

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  • Are u on dmards for Ra? I get occasional knee pain too so you have my sympathy.

  • Gwen, i sympathise, knees are my main problem causing my mobility to be badly affected. I have had little help for this - recommendation is swimming (i can't) or very low impact exercise like stationary bike. I find the latter exacerbates the problem. I must actually ask about draining, as that has never been offered before. Sorry can't be of more help.

  • I have horrible knees too my worst bit. They all say lose weight which is easier said than done. I think swimming helps and also gentle exercises that help the mobility of joints I do tai chi

    Hope you can get some relief xx

  • Hi Gwen. I've got bad knees too. Do you think yours are swollen with liquid again or just sore & stiff? If you have got a fluid build up then perhaps you do need to go & get them syringed out? I was told that with such a build up of synovial fluid it makes a harder task for the meds to work as there's such a big reservoir of inflammation for them to tackle. I can usually tell as when I gently touch my knees either side of the knee cap the fluid sloshes about & bulges the other side. But if they're sore & stiff without fluid then you're just left with ice/heat pads, elevation, gentle exercise and painkillers.... So sorry, as I find it hateful when I'm creeping about like someone of 110 and in pain. Polly

  • Thanks for ur replys everyone, I think I it's fluid, they are not really stiff they feel funny if that makes sense?! I haven't been swimming for ages so I'm gonna try that again. im on arcoxia. I remember having my knee drained last time I screamed the place down it was horrible!! When I go for my infusion will the nurse have a look at them for me or should I make an appointment with the clinic? I Know being overweight effects your joints but what about if you are underweight? Xx

  • Underweight can possibly put people at more risk of osteoporosis , or bone weakness but shouldnt affect joints ..

    You might benefit from so physio/ hydrotherapy ?

    Love your picture x

  • thank u summer! the flash went abit wrong but made it a good pic! i will get in touch with the hospital next week and make an appointment to be seen and discuss what can be done to help. Thanks everyone xx

  • Gwen, It might be too early on just now, but I have had both knees replaced, 5 yrs ago, 6 months apart. The best thing I've ever done for this bvody, my knees are my best parts. My own knees were in really bad shape, no cartilage left, and the lower legs were like "bow-legs" The surgeon not only replaced the joints, but straightened my legs!

    Anyways, the docs may suggest ingections of a cartilage replacing substance first, one called Synvisc here in US That did well for several years until they claimed I was now old enough for repalcements. They don't like to do that until you are over 50, expecting it to last the rest of your lifetime.

    Just some thoughts to think about, and not be afraid of when you get the chance. Loret xx

  • Please forgive typos--I'm typing with right arm in splint for the night.

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