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Painful Knees

Diagnosed 3 years the last few months knees extremely painful.

waiting for knee replacement of right knee.So painful I coud cry some days when trying to walk.Asked Gp to review pain meds could change them but the change would make me feel worse he said.Would appreciate an advise on pain management


20mg methotrexate

5 mg folic acid

200 mg tramadol 2 daily


paracetomol 2 upto 4 x day

lansoprazole 30mg

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hi Janice,

Alison is our medication expert I am sure she won't mind me mentioning her name she is a pharmacist so she has expert knowledge and is great at helping us all out with advice. however she is taking a much needed weekend away so hopefully she will be able to advise you early next week.

I realise this is not much help now when your in agony though.

I had the same problem at first with my gp reluctant to prescribe pain medication however I got to the stage were I couldn't function I couldn't sleep. eating was a chore my family were basically forcing me too eat the pain was that bad I couldn't face food, I couldn't go to work not just down to the pain but couldn't concentrate everything was effected. my normal gp was on the sick for four months at this time and I had some snotty kid who had just trained telling me I had a chronic condition that I needed to live with and if I just took pain meds all the time I would become addicted..he really didn't care even when I was breaking down crying saying I couldn't go on anymore like this. so after telling my family what this gp had said they were horrified and told me too book in again but to refuse to see the guy who had been covering my gp, so I went along to this doctor my dad came with me too explain how bad it was incase this doctor was the same.however he was the complete opposite and not only did he give me something stronger that day but he also gave me a steroid injection and refered me to pain clinic.

I now for the first time in three years have better pain control its taken a while to get it balanced but its loads better and I'm not spaced out etc.

I would ask if a steroid injection could be given to you and I would also ask for a second opinion.

tale care

Julie x


hello Janice - i am in the same situation, knees are biggest problem and like Julie said the only relief i tend to have is from steroid injections.

I too would love to hear the answer, i am on similar pain medication to yourself co-codamol in place of the paracetamol, just got another one added, not on it long enough to see if it makes any difference - Amitriptyline (10mg) GP said i am on optimum level of all and the next step would be morphine.

My physio (well former physio, he hasn't been able to work with me because of pain and inflamation) has rang my rheummy to see if i could get referred to a pain clinic.

hope you get some relief soon.


You might also want to look at some of the publications produced by the British Pain Society ( I found it helped my to understand a bit more about managing pain. Not an answer I know (sorry), but may also be useful in managing young docs who've never experienced anything worse than a bruised toe. Hope you gets some moments of relief soon, Polly


Have you looked at these two drugs, i've got ra and fibromyalgia, Pregabalin and amitryptaline(excuse the spelling) the ami are to help me sleep as i haven't been sleeping at all well. I always said that if i could sleep i could cope. The pregabalin is to help with pain. I'm on all of your drugs except the diclofenic as they aggravate my bowels. thats the side effect of these drugs. I was on them and i was doing ok on them until i had a bad spell with the bowels which put me in hospital. I was taken off them as they don't get on well with the bowels.

Hope you get on ok.

Sylvia. X


I am in the same situation and whilst I need 2 knee replacement operations they will have to wait as I need a spinal fusion operation first. it is so important to get pain relief, without it you do not move as much as you need to, then you get into a cycle of even more pain.

I take 8 Tramadol and 8 dihydrocodeine tablets a day (2 of each 4 times a day). I find the combination of these works for me and whilst I still get pain it is at a level I can cope with. I do need this combination though as nothing else has worked. Even if your doc says you may feel worse I would give strong painkillers a try because I find the side effects minimal compared to the amount of pain I would be in without them.

I was worried about taking such a large amount of opiate painkillers for a long time but both my GP and consultant don't seem to be worried about it.

I would definately ask for a steroid injection as these can work wonders and if you are lucky the relief they give can last quite a while.

If nothing else works you could get referred to a pain management clinic.

I do hope you find some way of dealing with the pain. I am in a similar situation and know how debilitating it can be. Do let us know how you get on.



I think you all have given plenty of good advice.. pain relief is quite an individual thing.. different drugs suit different people..

I have just had one hello this is me type intro pain management session. Next is oct 3rd so if I learn anything that will benefit us all I will pass it on!!.

Janice speak to your local pharmacist and book a medicenes review . they can help.. the bottem line is your are probably looking at a different pain killer combination.

Good luck

Alison x


Hi Janice,

I'm very sorry to hear about your situation.

Sometimes sore joints can be improved by strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints - in the case of the knees, the calf and thigh muscles.

There is an exerciser you can use while sitting down. It's an easy and gentle way to exerciser when you are in pain. It's called the AIRCYCLE exerciser. Lots of people find relief from painful joints, not only in their legs but in their hands as well. If you are keen to find out more info, visit

I sincerely hope things improve for you.


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