Ok after Prairie , making me feel I need a bit of positivity . a letter came from my consultant . It said he has referred me to a plastic surgeon for my hand lump biopsy. So armed with the info I called the private health company that i get through my hubbys work. And amazingly the surgeon is on the list and they will cover my invesstigations and biopsy op, and I can expect an appointment very soon after the xmas hols!!!

So thanks Nicola for making me think I should "get on with things" and it will help me get a more full diagnosis soon! Then maybe drugs to help? So keeping positive, may just help lol :) A

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  • Thanks, getting there now. Now the initial shock of possible change to another immune disorder plus a week of noravirus over, I can start maybe finding out a bit more! Have a good night tonight, and you look great in your picture on fb xx

  • Ahh hey things are moving with our positive vibes...hehe....I've just sat and cryed to my mam and dad feeling sorry for myself...my mother gave me a hug made me worse...I'm lucky I have parents like them both....but my positive turned into a negative for a short while....good luck and hope things start happening to help big hugs :-) xxx

  • Ach a good cry does you good. You need to get it out of your system. Personally I retreat to a cave for a bit and come out ... Eventually! You can go into black places and if it gets too much antidepressants lift the mood and weight off your chest. It's just when u can't see amend to it , isn't it. Why don't you tell the Rheumy this and he might speed up any investigations you might need?

    But next year , let's hope it's better for us xxxxxxxx

  • Good news Allanah, and a good start to the new year.

    Kath xx

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