Started Humira

Started Humira

Well after a delay of a few weeks due to yet another upper chest infection I finally got to start humira today. I hope it works!!! I also got another referral to an orthopedic surgeon to look at my ankle which keeps locking and making me trip, as the hospital lost the last one and I have waited two years for nothing grrrr and one to a hand surgeon as my third finger on each hand has started to move across next to the second one. Apparently a hand surgeon needs to do something to the tendons to fix it. I am starting to feel a bit like a hypochondriac or Mrs Potato Head who needs putting back together.

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  • Yes that's the joys off having RA haha

  • It has just been one thing after another, I feel like I have a frequent flyer thing going at the GP and hospital. I have a few other issues too so sometimes I see two hospital specialist on one day or on consecutive days. Cuts in my work time!

  • Humira has been a very good drug for me, have been on it for 8 years, made a great deal of difference. Was meant to change to Rituxamab last month but backed out. I have skin problems caused by this and Azathioprine, changed to methotrexate instead of Azathioprine so will see how I go. I have erosive RA negative, had many operations in the past. Many other conditions as well. On a lighter note my family rib me as to which part of the nhs I am using each week. I have a positive outlook on life which has helped me. I wish you lots of luck.

  • Hahaha you sound like me with the use of healthcare, way too much else going on as well. I have been on enbrel for the past year but developed antibodies to it so have been swapped to humira. I have liver problems so can't take a lot of the DMARDs and am only on plaquenil apart from the humira.

  • My goodness, read some of your past posts. You really have been through the mill, yet you remain in good spirits. I really admire you. It seems sometimes we take one step forward and three back, but we still live in hope. I do wish you success on Humira, I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Take care.


  • Thanks Gigi71, yes I hope it works too. I can only have two more I can try after this and then no more biologics and I just have to live with it. So I am really hoping this works and works for years.

  • I saw my rheumatoid nurse today, she advised there are more to come on the markets. Not sure how it works in Australia, but we have to have two biologic's that don't work for some reason, before going on to the next one. Have you ever gone down the diet routes.

  • yes there is a new one that is in testing now. We can only have 4 then no more that's it. So if I fail 4 I get to live with crippling pain and fatigue as my joints are slowly destroyed, for the rest of my life. Now there's something to look forward to hahahaha No I am a really finicky eater and have a lot of food intolerance too. I would starve. A salad for me is a bit of lettuce and grated carrot that's it. So diet wouldn't work.

  • Goodness. Let's keep everything crossed for you, with hugs X

  • yes it is a fine balancing act and if something tips slightly the wrong way it is punishing. well onward and upwards, I refuse to give in yet

  • Yes definitely. I have had triple foot fusions on both feet a screw removed from one, then my right ankle collapsed about 3 years ago, I need an ankle fusion but can't face it, it's two ops as the foot has to be realigned again and an 18 month recovery time. So last year had a smaller op to remove some of the bone that was sticking out of the bottom of my foot and my toes pinned. That has helped. I am under the best hospital in the country Royal Orthopaedic and a highly rated consultant. I have a problem with balance so waiting to see the physio next week for core exercises. Was dx. with lupus/ RA 31 years. I have a good family, friends and count my blessings.

  • Wow that sounds incredibly painful. This is the first time I have been to an ortho for this stuff, although I did have a rotator cuff repair earlier this year. I am glad you are with a good hospital I am a bit worried about who I will get as it is a training hospital and they seem to be very hit and miss. I have problems with balance too i keep having falls. I fractured my heel in 2014 Drs still are baffled how I did it tripping over a computer cord in the bedroom. hahahahah

  • Ooh! all could get you down, but you still manage a laugh. I have osteoporosis in my hips, waiting for another Dexa scan as last was 4 years ago. Have had two fractures in my feet in the last couple of years, one was walking through the front door, how stupid is that. My doctor referred me to a falls clinic, but they have just changed the format, someone is meant to come to my home, I wanted balancing classes, we shall see. I do hope your hospital visit is helpful, you would think as a teaching hospital they would be right on the ball. Good luck with that.

  • I must add, I can only wear men's trainers with hospital made orthotics. I love clothes, so all looks good till you get to my feet.!!!!!!!

  • I mostly wear sketchers although I have boots for winter.

  • yeah I have some osteo as well. I had a dexa recently I have osteopenia but can't take calcium as I have overactive parathyroids. I guess I will be breaking things easily too, just like rice bubbles snap crackle pop! hahaha Long as it isn't in Summer again 12 weeks in a moon boot over summer was the pits. Didn't stop me going on a 4 day cruise though or driving. very naughty

  • We just get on with it, no matter what. I have some sketchers but there isn't enought support as my feet go right over, such a shame as I really like them, my other half has some, made a lot of difference to his knee, he has wear and tear due to sport,

  • Oh that is a shame as they are so comfy. I wear the Go Walk ones I can't wear a lot of them as they don;t offer enough support but those ones seem ok for now. It is more about the pain in my feet as I sometimes don't want to even put my feet on the floor! hahah Hard to walk that way

  • I've got my ankle appointment with an orthopod for the 3rd October, although when I asked my rheumy his views on plates on your ankle, he said most of his patient who'd had it done regretted doing so, but I will go and see him with an open mind!

  • I think mine is just bits of cartilage and rubbish that is catching in the joint making it lock although I have noticed I am not really bending it much and I am very unsteady if I am on uneven ground, really easy to roll my ankle. Oh well I will wait and see.

    Good luck hopefully they will have some answers or options for you

  • My ankle gives way quite regularly! I looked at the MRI and the arthritis is easy to see. The nobbly edges of bone catch on other bones as I bend my ankle apparently!

  • I haven't had an MRI yet. God that will probably cost me about $700 or more eeeekkkkk

  • I waited 7 weeks but thank goodness for our amazing NHS. I've also had an x-Ray and a ct scan, as well as 3 sessions with podiatrists, who decided they couldn't help me.

  • I have had nothing yet. I had a referral in to ortho at the hospital in 2014 but when I rang recently to find out where I was on the list they had no record of it, so now I have to start all over again. Not happy really.

  • I'm not surprised! All my appointments have been since January this year!

  • I seem to get batches of them. Last year I had two strokes so had a flurry of appointments towards the end of the year. Oh well that's life

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