RA takes REVEVGE, Mattcass

Just when I thought my RA was under control and working well along with my Lungs Wham!!! Friday I knew then something was coming the tingling was all over my body at the same time this was the first this had happened, I tried all the strong P/killers I had to try and take the edge of what was coming the first to kick in was my wrists then my fingers got so swollen and then my hands started to close and have stayed that way since then my back and ribcage was next and this put me in bed and for the next 2 days just lay there in severe pain and nothing to fight it with I know because most of you have been to there and back with this and there was me thinking I was one off the lucky ones, I thought it would be my Lungs that would be the problem if I got back to work, unless this goes away in the next 12 hours and this is a once off attack I might have to throw in the towel the Hydroxy was my only hope off any pain relief for my RA, Unless the head repository team in Edinburgh come up with something or an alternative I will just have to pray it stays away from my Lungs, Sorry for spoiling your Sunday.Matt

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  • Dear Matt, hoping this horrible flare does not get to your lungs, it is a nightmare for you. I went on a bit like you when i was working but eventually had to stop because it became impossible to juggle my work and the RA, so not fair on me or my employer. Just when we think, hey-ho, not feeling too bad, And try to get a life this RA beast pops in again and knocks us for six! I hope so much they can possibly help with your pain somehow, Take care, Lynda x. Ps - I have come down with awful chest virus which in turn has caused the start of another flare, my fingers are like red jumbo sausages and i have to make 36 themed cupcakes for my grandsons birthday tomorrow. Husband says he will help me, he is no use at all in the baking department, so what the heck these cakes are going to look like I do not know. I will try and post a picture tomorrow, we are in for a good laugh here I think !!

  • Hi Lynda Thank You, It attacked my Lungs in March I already had I PF this leaving me able to walk ten meter's and in constant RA pain, You enjoy your day with your Grandson if the cakes are fine good and if not blame Grandad, Matt

  • Oh dear Matt, I really feel for you:-(

    I've had RA attack my lungs too. It's a horrid feeling of dread that we get when we realise that a flare is starting and there's nothing we can do to stop it as it romps around our bodies. The only thing that I've found helps me is to tell myself "this too will pass". Sorry that you're having to tough it out without painkillers.

    Gentle cyber hugs,

    Cece x

  • Hi Cece Thank You. Matt

  • Hi Matt, sorry to read this and hope you're feeling a little better this afternoon. I've read your blogs about your aim of getting back to work, hopefully you won't have to give it up completely but your health must come first. Best wishes Amanda x

  • Hi Amanda Thank You. Matt

  • Hi Matt, oh my gosh I am so sorry this is flaring up for you again Matt. I'm praying it doesn't get back to your lungs. You were so positive about going back to work and then this happens.

    Lets hope this passes real quick for you....take care of yourself, big hugs xx

  • Hi Luthien Thank You, Matt

  • Matt i am so sorry to hear this. So hope you are are feeling a bit brighter and hope this flair passes soon best wishes xx

  • Oh Matt, I am so sorry that this wretched disease has leapt back in to life. You were so upbeat about getting back to work. :-( I hope this flare passes soon.

    Dotty xx

  • Hi Matt sorry to hear that you are having some backward steps in life. Hopefully the Edinburgh connection can work some magic for you and get you out of flare ups and pain. I understand the working full time and struggling on I am still working full time as I can't afford to quit. All the best.

  • Poor you Matt I hope the flare passes very soon. Tilda x

  • Hope you feel better soon Matt x

  • Hello, it's so awful that you are feeling poorly. I hope you get to see your doctor today and they can give you some help. It must be really annoying that you just got back to work. I just hope it's a very temporary setback, And that in the next two weeks you feel so much better and are able to get back to you job. I hope you are feeling so much better today but remember to get the rest you really need. But as u usually do, keep strong and positive If you can. Lots of love A xx

  • Don't know anything of your history Matt but if you haven't been down the biologics road yet and are just on MTX and HCQ ask your Rheumy about tocilizumab (trade name RoActemra) When MTX started to fail they put me on it and after only the 2nd monthly infusion I have no inflammation. ERS CRP both below 1. Never had this even on steroids. There is a trial ongoing open to those who fill the criteria. It's worth a shot. The trial is all about tapering down the MTX to confirm Toc works on it's own. They already know it does but they have to have more. There is a sub cut injection version in the pipeline too. Not saying I'm cured but no swelling or inflammation and stiffness and pain minimal. I can live with that

  • Dear Matt

    So so sorry. What a blow, especially as we know that work helps on so many levels, helps us to feel better about ourselves etc. I hope it's a temporary flare, and just a blip for now that will pass and let u return to work if that is what you'd like. Take care, gentle hugs.

  • Hi Matt,I'm so sorry to hear your so poorly, you seemed to be doing so well & were very upbeat. I hope it's just a blip & you feel better soon x

  • Matt, hope it is something which resolves ASAP and you get back on track as you were doing very well. Let's hope you are again soon. Julie x

  • Matt, hope things start to get better soon.

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary, Thank You,Matt

  • get well soon xx

  • Hi Matt what a shame for you , it's so disappointing when RA flares up and frustrating coz you just wanna live and carry on doin 'normal stuff' grhhhh ....hope your lungs remain strong and this is just a blip ... Claire x

  • I'm so sorry you are having such a bad time. I'm new to this site (yesterday I fact) . I really thought I was moaning Minnie , it is a help I am not the only one who at times find it difficult to cope. I stood up one day a couple of months back and my knees just gave way I fell on the floor (that was when the pain started!!) I remained there until the numbness went and I could stand with the help of the radiator! I do hope you are feeling a little bit better.

  • hey matt hope you are getting thru your crappy flare. im quite new to this exciting new world .I was mostly feet n hands which I thought were under control with steroids and aziathioprine . I ve not told rhe employer yet i darent or offf i go. ive just survived the redundancy chop.its only becoz I work so many hours doin what no one else will . The rheumy Dr hasnt given me a proper diagnosis yet other than connective tissue disease see how it goes heck . so i am so confused a) what is this thing b) whats next what do the drs know that i dont and c) how the hell do i fix it However two days ago the ribs started its agony i cant cough orive either so I really do sympathise .i had no idea i was going to be like this I am horrified . Things to do single parent full time employee , owner of 3 little doggies. Grrrr im so cross. I was really grateful to see your post as I thoughty imagination had gone mad.

    GP suggests goin for an xray of my lungs I feel like im drowning when i drink . Ribs feel broken. what is this all about.

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