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Thank You All, mattcass


I wish to thank you all for your support, I did manage to get to my work today but my wrists are so very painful and turning out the way no P/Killers are working at all i only work two days this week so back to the GP on weds my Rheumy team cant help as there is no other RA medication out there for me. Thanks Again. Matt

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That's tough Matt:-(

What about medical trials - or are you unsuitable for them?

Cece x


Hey Matt! Good on you for managing to get into work today, hope you get some help and support from your GP on Wednesday? Best wishes Amanda

Does your hospital have a specialist pain clinic, many do and they use lots of pain therapies other than painkillers or in conjunction with the painkillers, maybe worth asking the gp. Well done on actually getting to work xx

I don't know you got into work but I take my hat off to you!!! Really hope your GP can get some pain relief sorted for you.

Take care xx

I admire True Grit. Matt. But unfortunately that's not enough. I think, like Allanah said, most hospitals have resources to help with interferring pain, besides the pain meds. I know you want to be able to work, so I'd appeal to whomever it takes for help to stay there. Good luck, Matt. Loret xx

Well done Matt for managing to get into work.Sorry there isn't any drugs that will help

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