The Full Monty of Breathing Tests Today. Mattcass

Hi All, Even before all my breathing tests and my exercise's begin this morning I am so confident I will not be put on the Transplant List on the 20th January the effort I will make to get there will show them my determination, I am so ill between my RA and a trapped nerve in my hip area this is the first time iv'e been out of bed since Monday the pain level between the two was bad to say the least no easy cure for T/N just step up my Amatritaline was the best effort. Here Goes Matt

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  • Oh bless you...let's hope you can make me smile with your news Matt..I really hope it all goes ok for you...your tenacity is amazing. Maryx

  • Your positive and determined approach is a wonderful example to us. Good luck with it Matt. x

  • Matt, I wish you the best of luck. Clemmie

  • Hope that all goes well today and that you soon get some relief from the nerve pain soon:-}

    Cece x

  • Best of luck Matt :) x

  • Best of Luck Matt and don't forget to take your firebrand of Fran with you. xx

  • Good luck matt, you band of NRAS mates are with you.


  • Good luck from

  • Truly hope today went well for you. Your amazing for all that you have achieved xx

  • Matt, hope all went well for you today, First time Ive been on today, so only just read your post. Rie x

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