Feeling Reasonable well at mo!!!

Happy Easter All

Just wanted to write a more positive blog for me any ways.

Been away for 4 days, visiting inlaws in yorkshire. The trip up was mainly in heavy rain and the temp dropped considerably compared to london/essex. I could feel my ra, but surprising I did not give me any problems other than an awareness in my knees and some slight stiffing in my hands.

I was tired the following day and rested up to be expected and on thursday we went for a walk on the Chevine forest with my dog and father law. I did not want to do it initially in case it set of my ra, but I showed willing and under the guise we would all turn back as soon as I started to feel any discomfort. Well I did a 3 mile round trip with out any pain (thought I should not over do it).

Up shot is I have been pain free for at least 5 days now which is very rare and unusual. It's a really nice treat and I thoroughly enjoyed our first trip away since diagnosis and I am really pleased I was able to pace myself.

I've got chores mainly washing and some marking to do over the easter break, which I will make a start later on, but other than that I feel reasonably well and that's after having the viral infection and having to go for confirmatory xrays for a bakers cyst. Just shows how variable the disease it!

Enjoying the temporary respite from the disease

Happy easter all

Sci :)

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  • Fantastic news happy easter xx

  • You to Summer x

  • Great news, 3 mile walk that's good. This is just the start hopefully u will go from strength to strength .

    Happy Easter, Gina.

  • Well Gina,

    that would be an ask; do I dare think it will continue? Privately yes, but I know it won't so just enjoying not hurting for now and the reduction in the use of cocodomols.

    Thanks for the easter wish :)

  • That's really good news. Bet it feels great to be pain free for a while. Hope it lasts for you.


  • It's lovely traceyanne, I've had the odd day maybe twice in a wk, bur rarely most of a wk, that is very unusual indeed. I hope it lasts too, but if it don't and most probably won't that ra and I that's ok also.

    Cheers x

  • Well done sci,you are remarkable to be able to that. Hope you had a lovely time and happy easter to you and your family. xx

  • Thanks hun, I should of said I walked and went shopping with the aid of a walking stick.

    Can't do any distance now without the cane, otherwise I limp really badly.

    Sci x

  • that is great sci, just to be out and about is so good!

  • Well done Sci - hope you'll build up slowly and then your muscles will be stronger to support the poorly joints. Take care and happy Easter. TTx

  • that sounds great just what the doctor ordered - just don't do to much

    enjoy xxx

  • Brilliant - tho' shame weather didn't help out with a bit more sun. Let's hope you've turned the corner and it will keep on getting better and better. Happy easter. Px

  • Hi all

    Thanks for all the encouragement, I am remembering to pace myself, tomorrow is mtx day, so I shall be done for that.

    Enjoy the rest of your easter

    Sci x

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