Full of cold

Hi all I, ve had a cold and no voice since Thursday have taken every cold remedie in the shops been living on icecream and soup nurse said on Saturday its tonsiilitis but wouldn,t give me anything for it and said it may be to do with me having imflammatory arthritis? Really.? I, am seeing rheumy tomorrow and taking my neighbor with me as I can, t speak, unsure what they can do as I have had no blood tests since December and no hydroxy since april due to an allegic reaction I had so it should be fun as hips still burning etc I would just like some answers as totally had enough of not knowing gentle hugs to you all rant over lol xxx

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What's the connection I wonder RA & tonsillitis? Hope you get on ok tomorrow & get some answers. Wish you better x


Hi lets hope the rheumy will sort you out. Sending you best wishes xxxx


I can understand not giving you antibiotics straight off because if it isn't bacterial, then thats a bad use of antibiotics and one of the practices that contributes to antibiotic resistance. however you could insist on a throat swab - that way they can send it for culture and prove both what bug is responsible, and which antibiotics (if any) will help. Except in emergencies, I think bugs should be sent for culture before anyone prescribes anything, to make sure that the right AB is given for the job, having personally had too many wrong ones given first off and then had to have a second course of something different.

Definitely see your GP, and ask for a swab to be done.

The connection between autoimmunes and infections is a bit odd sometimes - some folk seem to come down with far more buggy problems, and other folk find that they do so far less often, or when they do, having an infection means that for some reason their body stops fighting itself and you get relief from the autoimmune condition. odd. Strep throats are a bit different though - they can contribute to heart or systemic problems in susceptible people, hence the suggestion to get it swabbed.


If white spots are present on tonsils or pus is present antiobiotics are given I CAN SPEAK from personal experience x


Seems to be passing around this site!!! Mads had it, I got it and we r still dying!!!! Think it can pass through cyber space. Kidding, hope you feel better real soon xx


Thanks all no white spots and throat not hurting just husky and fed up with it but off to rheumy with pen and paper as I can, t speak should be a good appointment lol xxx


Hi SW I blamed Allanah for passing it on to me. I still haven't got rid of it and they have taken me off metx until it passes. I hate the no taste and the congestion and coughing, tis horrible. I have been using cocodamol. and hot lemon. It is good that you do not have tonsillitis, that is not what you need now.

I have a sore throat sometimes with ra, it feels like the beginning of a normal sore throat but then disappears.

That is a very long time without blood tests, how come they have stopped. I hate when they take you off something and you have to wait ages before being put on to anything else. So annoying.

I hope that you have a good appointment tomorrow and as Tilda keeps saying, go in with a strong attitude and ask what the plan is for you, what do they propose to do next. Hard for you with the voice problem, write it in capitals. Good luck.


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