Make the most of your steroid window!

Make the most of your steroid window!

I'm currently between drugs so on a course of Prednisolone. I'm feeling so good! We went for a long walk up on the moors today, I'm not sure of the distance but it took more than four hours to complete the circuit. I can so rarely get to go on nice long walks these days but the pain was forgotten and it was amazing, first of all it was so foggy we almost got lost. The dried grass heads were coated in pretty feathery layers of ice and the puddles and mud were icy. Eventually the sun came out and lit up all the beautiful subtle colours of bracken and heather and grass. I feel pumped full of good clean oxygen.

I was worried the osteo-arthritis in parts of my feet might play up but I wore good walking boots with my special supportive soles and a good pair of supportive walking socks and my feet were fine. Only my knees gave out a bit at the end on some of the downhill bits.

I'm seeing the nurse tomorrow to start me on the way to taking anti-tnfs (not sure whether I am actually starting them or just having a big info/training session). I hope they help me feel as well as being on the steroids.

We are moving house in three weeks too, I was dreading how I would cope but this short steroid course will help me get through that too, good timing!

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  • Thats good to hear. Its been heavy rain here all day. Spent all day on the sofa feeling very guilty. Good luck with tomorrow x

  • Good luck with the anti-tnfs. I think there are a few tests to do first (like checking to make sure you don't have latent TB that might surface once you start the drugs) as well as the injection or infusion process. Anti-tnfs are beginning to be realised as having far less side effects than many of the other drugs commonly used now too, and far less of the very rare but serious side effect, so it will potentially be a lot better for you than repeated steroid courses. Also potentially you can get the same wonderful relief as steroids with none of the nasty effects of them. Good luck with it all.

  • Glad you are feeling so well and had such a good day hope today goes well for you. I have my 1st rheumy appt today and hoping 4 some answers.


  • Hope it goes well, most of my first appointment sort of whooshed over my head!

  • Thanks for the comments all :) I've already had a T spot/chest X ray for TB and a baseline blood test. I will report back as to what happens, it is always good to hear what goes on as it might help give others an idea of what they are in for. For now I'm not thinking too much about it. I have to go on my own on the bus and I have a bit of a fear of being ill when I'm out and alone.

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