Full of cold :(

Good morning all :)

I've been suffering with a cold for the last week (usual symptoms - dry cough, blocked nose, sore throat, fuzzy head etc) so generally feeling rubbish and it has been a real struggle in work this week - the pain from RA seems to have been more noticable this week also.

Anyway, the environment I work in means Im in contact with various illnesses everyday (be they viral or bacteria based) so even before taking MTX my body was almost constantly fighting off one infection or another so have serious concerns now I have a reduced immune system.

I may be over reacting here but, Ive been in my current position for 10 years and am now really beginning to worry that Im going to be off sick so frequently because of the meds that eventually I will lose my job :(

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It is a worry but there are laws to protect you. If you look on nras publications they have two

Booklets. One is called I want to work , the second is for an employer to give advice re RA. Might be worth checking them out on or give the helpline a ring.

Hope your cold eases up soon , they really make you feel miserable. Xx


As well as what Allanah has said, make sure you get your annual flu jab and if you've not already had it, a pneumovac. Those of us with compromised immunity are entitled to these jabs, so if it's not something you've thought of, have a word with your GP or practice nurse. I also take a high dose Vitamin C tablet (bought from Asda or Tesco) to help keep colds at bay. Hope this helps.



You have my sympathy - I have just placed a question on the main NRAS website about immune system. I have had so much time off work this year, have taken so many antibiotics - and am on them again at the moment. I am fed up of taking time off as it is not what I do - I really need to feel bad to take time off. And fed up of feeling rough. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to improve health without affecting medication??


I honestly believe that reapeated flu jabs since 1990 triggered the onset of my RA in 2008. I sent emails asking if research has been done into this and never ever had a reply.


just a thought. I never really have any clear advice from my GP or hospital what to do when i get a virus. I now stop my meds for around 3 weeks. I tell them on my checkups but never any comments or advice. Mind you, GPs don't seem to have a clue about anything these days, or don't particularly care... If you can get to see one.


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