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I just thought I would share this. I decided that I would get a pair of compression gloves to help with the swelling and also these had grips on, so I thought that would be useful also. Boy was I wrong. I put them on and thought 'Yes, that helps' After 5 minutes I was in agony and still suffering the consequences now!

Anyone else had this reaction or have they been useful to you? We are not all made the xx

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  • Oh no lol, sounds like a jungle trial! Did u get the right size for swollen hands ! U would need a bigger size ? Xx

  • I did measure my hands as per instructions prior to buying them. I think I would rather go through a jungle trial than repeat putting them on again! Mind you my feet are hurting also today so maybe I am just having one of those days. My Hydroxychloroquine isn't really making a huge difference yet but it's only been six weeks. Hope you are ok. xx

  • Thank you Scouser, I think maybe then the gloves are too small. I will ask re OT to see what I can get. Thank you

  • Bob here

    The OT gave me my cloves and they are good at night,I put them on for bed or when my hands etc are sore.

    Have words with GP next time you see Him,we are different .


  • Hi, I got my day time compression gloves from OT and they are really good. Also they gave me night time gloves as well which I use and you shouldn't have to buy them. Ask your GP to send you to see the OT at your hospital as I have all sorts of splints and aids at home from them. Makes my life a lot easier.!!!! Take care.

  • Thank you all of you, I did not realise I could get them from the OT. The nightime ones sound good, thats my worse time. Without sounding like a wimp the pain and swelling got so bad last night I wanted to cry!

  • I feel for you and at the moment I can't remember when I slept through!!! I am going to the pain clinic in 2 weeks and hopefully my pain levels will be managed a lot better. I hope you get sorted but never be afraid to ask for things!!! As they say in Geordie Land, " Shy bairns get nout " Take care.

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