Compression fractures

Was xrayed a week ago for back pain and they found I have several compression fractures from T9 to L2. Next step is an MRI to get more info. Various possibilities for treatment have been suggested, will know more after MRI. They include injection twice a year or infusion once a year of bone protection meds, or possibly fusing the bones. has anyone any experience of any of this?

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  • Hi, I've no experience of this but just want to wish you all the best for your scan. Hopefully someone with experience will come along with some advice for you soon. x

  • Ta Paul, support definitely needed, it's a bit unnerving to say the least.

  • Ouch that sounds very painful Grymalkyn! I've got back pain but no fractures. Are they due to Osteoarthritis or an injury?

    Hope the hospital can do something. When is your MRI?

    I've had my back mri'd, it was so quick. I was only in 20 mins.

  • It's rheumatoid arthritis + osteoporosis (crumbly bones). No date yet for MRI ... 20 mins sounds like forever + a whole lifetime !!! I'm claustrophobic ...

  • Oh no! Well I had both feet done once and that was over an hour so you can imagine my delight at only 20 mins. Tell the staff about your fear and they may speed it up. Your fractures are quite high ( my problem is lumbar) but I doing think your head will be in the tunnel.

    Hope your not kept waiting too long for a date.

  • Thank you :-), that's just the sort of info that really helps. I'll certainly tell them and meditate myself as calm as I can. How close is the roof of the tunnel to your face? I'm thinking shut eyes or eyepads. It needs to be done so I don't want to freak out! Head not in the tunnel would be very nice ...

  • It depends in the machine, there are different brands and styles.

    You could go see your gp and get something to calm you. When I had my heart scanned I was full in the tunnel and I used visualisations to distract me from where I was. I had my eyes closed the while time. I wish I had thought of taking an eye patch. You wear headphones and can talk to the staff and listen to music. You are also given a panic button so if you need them to stop you can. I think it's best to just close your eyes think of something really pleasant concentrate on that and get it over and done with.ive had about 5 now and getting used to them. My last one was in May and it was early and the room was cold. I asked the staff if the had a blanket. They wrapped me up all cosy and put pillows under my elbow and you never guess what happened? Through all the knocking and banging the machine makes? I fell asleep.

  • Thank you so much, that sounds good, especially being all wrapped up. I'll be using visualisations too. I'd rather not have some calming drug but will discuss with my GP who is very helpful too. Think I'll get some Mozart and Satie to listen to and definitely some eye patches. If I can drift off that will be grand.

    Best of luck with all the stuff that's happening for you, hope all is going as you wish. And thank you again for such really helpful advice.

  • I haven't had any experience I can help you with i'm afraid but I have lumbar spondylosis (OA) & with that comes pain but would think nothing to what you're experiencing so I hope you've been prescribed good pain relief of some form.

    I was offered infusions, I think it was called aclaster, when I had to change from alendronic acid but opted to try Risedronate first which I seem to tolerate ok so far. I hope whichever you have protect you from further problems.

    I hope all goes well & let us know how it went once you've had your MRI & they've come to a decision which treatment is decided on. ;)

  • Thank you :-), I'll keep you all posted on how things go.

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