The Story Of The Transatlantic Coffee and Tea Party

The Story Of The Transatlantic Coffee and Tea Party

Hi everyone!

I have been intending to write this blog for several weeks, have been struck with big case of procrastination, replaced with the hastened chores of getting outdoor container plants ready to come in to the Sun room/Florida Room/Solarium :) Take your choice

T hen my keyboard has a short in it somewhere internally,dropping letters and spaces and requiring alot of proof-reading, line bye. Besides all that, I have Psoriatic and RA, and have been flaring like a sparkplug.

One early morning in late August, a friend here sent me,n Facebook, a beautiful picture of a white Victorian style house with the front porch draped with vines with purple flowers, might have been Wysteria, So lovely. So I ommented back to her, Wouldn't it be marvelous to be sitting here with our morning coffee? She wrote back"oh I can just imagine!"

Then Sylvie clicked "like" under the pic and soon Allanah commented, "I'll ber ight there!" well...

In a matte of minutes, wehad a porchful of friends from across the Atlasntic, chiding each other, some wanting me to make more scones, Alanah asked if she could put vodka in her tea, more frivolity happened, and continued. The good natured banter was just like a bunch of friends, gathering on a porch, enjoying a morning of coffee and tea and god knows what else, and eating Apple raisen, cinnamon scones, fresh from the oven, a couple arguements about the white rocking chair, just a fun get-together of great friends with one common denominator. We all have Rheumatic diseases. The awesomeness is the fact this was happening, via the electronic age, across the Atlantic Ocean.

We have had two others, the last, just last week was more impromptu, but every bit as fun, relaxing, hysterical and therapeutic as the first one.

By imagining such a simple thing as having a cuppa together made it just so!

I went to bed the night before, planning to be sure I was up at 6:30, so I could put the scones in the oven at 7:30, for my guests to arrive at 8am, 1:00 your time. As my 8am drew near, I took my coffee and went to my computer desk, to greet my first guests..Cece was first, bringing a Walnut cake....So real!

We want anybody and everybody to come on over to Lorann's porch. (she's also Loret) It's a big porch!! A really big porch!

If you are reading this, come on over. If you have a favorite yummy to share, bring it along, so you can tell us about it.

We didn't get into muc discussion about our RA and etc, we can do that online, but if anyone does have a problem nd want the group's opinion, feel free to bringt up.

This is therapy itself. Yes, it is an escape from reality,..just exactly what we all need. We are doing somthing we can only wish for, to be together in reaity.

A brief explanation here regarding the other Therapeutic Fantasy, our version of "Strickly Come Dancing", called "Strickly Come Blogging" in wich contestants write what they imagine they would be doing, as they are assigned the dance of the week..

This has been a challange of wits, again using imagination and creative writing skills, to do something most of us will likely never do again. So we would it be..and we write.

The old adage, "Laughter is the best medicine" is not lost here!

So join the group. We are not hurting any less, in fact most of our members right now seem to have all come into flares, so as usual, we comfort each other, we empathize, we advise, then we get on, with a little imaginaton, and for just a little while, we forget the pain, and enjoy our fantasies, we can dance, in lovely gowns, one of our men members wearing a pink onesie, as he judges :)





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  • I will be there Lovely Loretta.I will make a fruit cake. I love being on your porch my

  • You will be most welcome Sylvie!! And so will that fruitcake..that is alot of work, but I love it!

  • I've got my onesie packed and my suitcase packed, just waiting for my Chauffeur to collect me to take me to my private plane! I will be there in a jiffy... What? Lol........P lease make room for Me when I arrive to sit in the Wonderful White Rocking chair, as my lil body will be weary after such a along transatlantic Flight,.....even though I will have slept in a nice comfy bey throughout my journey! and waited on by My servants, it can be awfully tiring! don't cha know? Look forward to seeing you the way Scouser, How are you and ALLANAH travelling to Loran's? Is it far??? You can Alwys Hitch a ride....for. Small fee of course... Cherrio for now....x

  • Scouser dear, Honestly, I am really looking forward to all of you on my porch. I put out 2 more rocking chairs! heehee, think that will be enough?

  • That sounds absolutely perfik, I'd sure like to join you if that would be ok.xx

  • Oh Poppy, of course it's ok, this is getting so exciting...

  • I've already set my alarm to make sure that the Eccles Cakes are freshly out of the oven so that I can do a cyber 'beam me up Scotty' and arrive in time Loret. Can I bagsie the swing seat please? those cushions are just what I need for my sore everything after the increasing complexity of the Strictly rehearsals:-}

    Of course we can squidge up and fit at least another 3 people on the swing seat, it is plenty roomy enough and I know that Allanah and Scouser like to fight over the rocking chair!

    Cakes at the ready peeps,

    Cece x

  • Well Cecelia, I'm a coming from Quaint olde I will need that comfy white Rocking chair, is it big enough for 20? I sure hope so.....see you there Cece

  • Oops iPad typed Cecelia I apologise ....xx

  • Oh Cece, the Eccles Cakes!? Come early girl, we may have to be sure they are "good enough" to serve everybody, hahaha

  • I look forward to it and as I make a mean Mars bar cake I shall endeavour to try and make one although I have not been able to bake for a long time, I will have a go. Xx

  • OH whoa!! Mars bar cake sounds Devil-ishious!

    None of us aregoing to be able to move with all these goodies to sample!

  • I'm a coming Lorann, I will bring My spicy Hot English Beef

    Stew and Dumplings.....And that wonderful lovely white comfy Rocking chair will be a lovely kind gesture from you after my very long Transatlantic Trip, and SCouser And especially ALLANAH, can sit somewhere else!!!!!......LOLOLOL.......can't wait to see you....have a nice Day loran xxx

  • oh brother, a feud is brewing! I diluted the situation by putting out 2 more rocking chairs, with cushions of course, but that may just allow 2 more feuds :).

  • One is wondering, how many Dresses and Onsies to bring? Will One get back to me in how Long one will be there?.......( from posh rich old biddy from England)

  • The wardrobe dept on Strictly have been simply marvellous and have adapted our onesies to include a velcro pouch to allow for extra cakeage - so your travelling clobber plus a bib and onesie should be fine, plus clean undies of course!

    Those of us dancing on Friday for Strictly have in our fantasy cyber world brought Concorde out of it's dust sheets and therefore can stay late and still get home - there is room for a few more and reclining seats so that dear 'Lana can sleep off the alcohol :-}

    Cece x

  • Cool Thankyou Cece I'm sooo excited :)

  • How long you stay is entirely your choice, Jill. Overnight is becoming necessary, but then some have responsibilities at home, so it's up to each person. No matter how long we" imagine", we still have reality to deal with!

  • Reality? What is that lol....ok ok maybe I'm getting carried away with it all lorann lol :)

  • :) No ,ore than the rest of us, jill !

  • :) :)

  • Loret

    You may have to set up a dormitory for the sleepover, this is turning into Gone with the Wind, remember when all the young ladies went off for an afternoon nap in the same room so they didn't get over excited, then they were ready for the dancing in the evening, remember Strictly is starting at 8pm tomorrow night, might some of you be doing your routines on the porch? I'm sure the other ladies would love the chance to "dip" with Anton xx

  • 2-4-14 I never saw this when Ronnie wrote it, for that I am so sorry.

    She sure did stick to the "topic".

  • unfortunately I will be snoozing here in OZ as that is 11pm here. I hope you all have fun and enjoy all the yummy food

  • Where exactly are you?

  • I live in Australia east coast

  • Hiya y'all. I will ( imaginary) fly tonight and be there for the morning . I will bring the vodka as usual , I was told you can't smell it so lllorets neighbours will be none the wiser .

    Now as for the rocking chair half of me says get lord it's mine grrr but being a lovely gracious tea lady I will let Jill have it, well she is older than me girls ( see what u r getting into. ) lol

    I want to talk about the best additives to Christmas cake tomorrow as mine is ready to feed, and have do e spare fruit cake, so will bring it.

    I hope y 'all join in the imaginary tea break pm lovely Loretta 'a porch ! And someone it will still be running no doubt next day so come over !

  • Thanks Allanah, that is very gracious of you! I did put out 2 more rocking chairs, so you and Scouser will be set. First come, first served though :)

  • can you put southern comfort in?? just love the stuff x

  • There you go, miss! A girl after my own heart, being that I live close to the still!

  • i would have to have a my own path to the door!!!!!!!xx

  • Pmsl Allanah, my imagination is getting carried away with u can sit in my lap, cos your a sweetie....hey I'm only 16 you know :) lol

  • Lol don't think that sound right a 16 yr old girl sitting on my lap lol, I am not Santa Claus lol xx

  • Ok so I'm not 16..... LoL, but my brain is....:)x

  • I would love to join you all but will have to nip back in my time machine for a spot of 'rescue your body' exercise class for an hour or so. I'll bring strawberries and Devon clotted cream. x

  • OMG! the Devon clotted cream..can't wait! No problem with time, we'll be here, will look foward to your arrival

  • Hi Loret I better leave Scotland now could be very difficult with a barrel of GUINNESS in my luggage Unless You Have !! GUINNESS on the porch already, If your looking for a Toy Boy Waiter I'm FREE!!

  • And whiskey Matt of course!

  • I'll bring a bottle of single malt. Medicinal of course.

  • A, Nothing to do with the Toy Boy Waiter. MC

  • We had some naked waiters at a hen might in Edinburgh last year! They did have a pinny on though , fancy the job Matt ! Your competition was the young rugby playing students going the job to save for a car.

  • Good thinking Allanah

  • Thank you Sweetie, I don't have Guinness, so hope it won't be a prob for you. Yes, your help as a waiter will be terrific! Toy Boy, huh? hmm.....:)

    Thanks for being there, was worried about you!!

    See how you are needed?

  • Hi everyone,

    Pumpkin pie for our festivities with a hot toddy. Lorann have u got a hot tub. I bet u have, purely for medicinal purposes.

    I'm hoping that the hospital runs to time tomorrow so I don't arrive to find u all tipsy and all the gorgeous cakes disappeared. Til tomorrow .

  • No hot tub yet, though my Rheumy did write a script for one to be covered by Medicare

    Fear not, sounds like we will have plenty of goodies

  • I'm in Italy right now, right down the bottom about as far as you can go, sipping ice tea in a lemon grove and watching boats bob around the bay. So I'll wave at you all instead, and send some Italian pastries your way. they are delicious. Polly

  • Envying you! Yes, Italian pastries will be divine! But surely wish youcould be here!!

  • Ts is a test to see if my reply loads up, have lost loads this afternoon :-(

  • Right, all looks to be working:-)

    I'll be late tomorrow as at work in the morning

    Husband and I made a lemon drizzle cake over the weekend and he's also made some blueberry muffins, I'll bring both (told you last time I am spoilt!!)

    Also bringing some nicely chilled Cava to toast our "hostess with the mostest", see you tomorrow xx

  • Ronnie You are the best. Are you sure you should't just take the morning off, your back could use anther day of rest, on a comfy cushioned porch swing :) Bless your hubby for helping you!

  • Fraid I must go in to meet my management team re 2014-15 budgets and business plans that have to be finished in a weeks time, I am getting a different chair next week for my own office, the trouble is I move around different offices so much, probably need a fleet of chairs that are comfortable enough.....................

    Will see you all sometime in the afternoon xx

  • As I have not had a kitchen since last Friday (don't ask! ) it will be nice to have some home cooked food. So I will be there. Did someone mention mars bars? Don't give em to the Scottish contingent, they'll want to fry them in batter!!

  • LOL! Good one dtech, aways on top of things !

  • Cheeky! U better bring your bowler hat than as all English obviously wear them!

  • And his stiff upper lip!!

  • Ha ha ha , funee

  • Detach no kitchen is a poor excuse.!!!!!!!!! i will bring battenburg loveeeeeeee marzipan x

  • Yes "Fetch" could supply the crudités and dips, he's such a tight arse LoL!

  • Stop looking at my a**e :-)

  • Ronnie honey, you are getting wound up already!! lol

  • Well I'm at the Airport, chauffeur driven al the way from Rye, east be boarding soon, so meanwhile I'm looking at some of the Duty be fully laden with plenty of spirits, Large bottles of course and not forgetting My Good old English Beef Stew and Dumplings...plenty for everyone......can't wait to wear the onesie that Cece has adapted for us all.......and look forward to having a giggle with you all, it's been far too long..........:)

  • What's that?

  • But with no meat in it :-)

  • and what is that?

  • Brillo pads.....there's loads of people's gonna be one humdinger of a party!! I'll do another Lemon Meringue pie as I've eaten the last one I made....I'm such a greedy guts...oooh, hope I can still get into my you think it's too tacky to fly over in?? ;) xx

  • The onesie gang hit the airways!! ;)

  • Can you just picture the headlines in the London Local, and others, with a picture of all these people wearing onesies, all styled by the same seamstress..explaining why they were boarding a plane to go to a Tea Party on somebody's porch in Ohio, USA ???

    Can't hardly wait for the news report after the party, when they meet these folks on the return trip and inteview several of them!! LOL!!!

  • Ok sounds like I'm being left out of this tea party........I comment, no one replies.....:(

  • Lol daftie thought u were on a plane! With ur hotpot! U shouldn't be texting. , u should be on airline mode lol

  • You must have landed by now, hope the bottles didn't break in the overhead compartment:-)

  • So long as your plane doesn't take the slot I've booked for my Lear jet :-)

  • worries dtech, Captain has told me that your a mile or so behind private plane had plenty of room, you could have shared with me lol....Incase you don't see my plane, it's the one that looks like Simon Cowells.....even has a jacuzzi and a cinema.....:)

  • Your so right, I didn't think of silly of moi.....yes, about to land in ten mins, then just a ride to Loranns tea party......btw I forgot to mention, I have brought with me my Very special Nice Reguvinating Amazing Serum (NRAS)..... So if any of u want a guzzle of it, then just ask, it relieves all RA symptoms, no pain for a whole Day! How amazing is that.........ok gtg..Captain knocking on my bedroom door......oooos forgot to say, I'm in First my own bed...Hic......burp....ooops drank me some Vodka....but got more Allanah, don't worry lol x :)

  • Budget discussions really boring then Ronnie? Lol

  • Actually just about to start when I sent that, we've just finished and they were really good, my team are fab:-)

  • Woohoo....I'm baaaaaaack!! Hi Lorann, hope you are OK. xx

    Lemon Meringue pie survived the journey....phew!! Hope everybody else had a good flight....

  • I am delayed, think I should be there in 10 mins ( actually just scoffing lunch..won't be long ) xx

  • Put Gerry Rafferty on the I-pod, am currently at Baker Street, will get there in an hour:-))

  • Woo -hooo!

    ? where is everyone?

    Loretta are you still snoozing or are we starting a new post for this?

    Just off to check in case you're all having your porch 'do' elsewhere on the sitee....x

  • Hiya, are we here for tea, we will have to use lloretas porch as she doesn't seem to be in, hope she has not been delayed by her French man?

  • Hey, I'm here! Come on in,!!!

  • Oooh la la!!

    Bonjour mes amis....comment allez-vous?

  • Bonjour, ca va?

    Je suit un petit mal après mangez un grande patisserie avec creme anglais

    Je suis arrive en vingt cinq Minuit

    A bientot

  • Bonjour, lloret is on the way, it's 8 am there! Well Luthiensfault you and me Baggsie the rocking chairs ha ha. And I think it's a nice warm day today. Got some croissants for our French theme, fancy a teeny weeny glass of Cristal or will you liver complain?

  • allanah....lets bags the rockers with a little champers to go with the coissants.

  • Don't know why at all the iPad added fault to ur name lol? , ?!

  • s'alright....hic!!

  • Also can we use this area as chat and it will update or do we have to keep going back to newsfeed for update replies?

  • Hey guys, the P{orch is open! Was delayed a little, got up thinking I need to write my rehearsal blog now and then put the scones together and so here we are

  • Allanah, we want to stay on this site and keep adding on, or start a new blog, titled Tea and Coffee ready... or some such thing

  • Think we're ok here for now...

  • We should be able to just keep running on this feed as the latest what's happening timeline thingy will show where we are.

    I've just got to pop in and use your bathroom Loret - I will slip into my leopard print onesie with the extra cakeage pouch.... aah, that's better.... now I've brought freshly baked Eccles Cakes in the keep warm bag and some double cream in the cool bag...

  • oh Scouser, you shouldn't have worried I'm sure even a stick insect's bum looks big in a onesie!

  • b-eeee-autiful.....although dtech may differ on his!

  • ooomffp..... sorry that noise was me landing on the swing seat... now Concorde still had complementary Bolly in the kitchen so I've swiped some for those that do alcohol.....

  • s'already shtarted on champers although shouldn't...hic...but don't care at the mo as in full flare & need numbing!!

  • Geez yuou must have had a headstart on the flight over!! We are going to a new post, under OFF TOPIC, meet y'all there!

  • Lloret asked me to start off a new post as this is getting long, I have put it up under off topic, meet u there?

  • and for the tee-total [due to DMARDs] I've brought along Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Lapsong Suchong...... and Lemon, Ginger and Ginseng - and Loret has some wonderfully strong coffee....

  • I'm your earl grey gal.xx

  • Come on over to new blog Allanah started, under new post "Off topic"

    If I can find it!1

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