Hi all, had to go to A&E yesterday with the pain in my knee. Couldn't get an appointment with GP until Tuesday so had to see someone. Anyway after 4 hours in A&E I was told it is probably caused by arthritis either ostio or rheumatoid , but because I am under Rheumy and only seen him once was advised to go back to GP and ask for my appointment to be brought forward from March. He also told me that there is a Hot Clinic at my local hospital every Friday and that I should ask to be referred there next week. He gave me some crutches to help me and said if it gets worse over the weekend to go back to A&E on Monday and they will give me a steroid injection in my knee. The only thing that I got from this long wait was that I have been up all night with the stomach bug, had to cancel my eye appointment and go back to bed. I feel really down and weak, so now going to try and get some sleep.


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  • Im afraid Rheum appointments in my area are long waits too x

  • Poor you Jan sounds like a nightmare - hopefully things can only improve now. Tilda x

  • Thanks for your replies hope I will feel better soon, really fed up now.


  • Yes it would be good to get rheumy appt a bit sooner! I well remember the beginning of this when I was screaming in pain from various joints, and walking was a v slow and painful process. I found steroid injections really helped, so you could also try phoning rheumy team yourself to see if the nurse could help rather than waiting for hours in A&E? I know you're worried about adding extra drugs in, but they can really help. I rattle with everything I take now, but can live a reasonably normal life so it's all worth it. Polly

  • Hi Polly, I will try and get in touch with the Rheumy nurse not been given a number for them, but will get it from the hospital I suppose they don't work weekends so will have to wait until Monday.

    Don't know if you can help, but even after bed rest my knee is still sore and painful when I get up in the morning. Is this the norm?


  • Well when mine are bad they hurt all the time, particularly at night! Are your knees puffy at all? And feel as if there's fluid inside? Px

  • Hi Polly, My knee is not swollen, feels swollen and there is no feeling of fluid. It does hurt all the time. I have been given crutches to try and take some weight off it, but only been using them for a few days, not seen any change as of yet. My knee feels as if there is something inside and that there is pressure and a dragging feeling. Burning, aching and sore. Jan

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