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Hi All, No change in my employment situation H.R. still dealing with it my union and Senior Managemen are also involved. My Rheumy support team have let me down again I am 3 stone overweight mostly due to Steoids and I am getting a bit concerned about this 4 weeks ago the Rheumy nurse said she would arrange some sessions in the Hydro pool next week as I am on holiday. I spent most of yesterday trying to get through on various lines that I was told would be answered between 08am till 4pm guess what, I am trying Dall05 Tony diet plan which at the time I thought was a bit drastic to starve oneself, I am doing the same with the help of pineapple and water, I am also in the Gym 4 times a day walking 2.5 miles each time and beating the time before, I have to do something I don’t know if 3 stone overweight is Obese it certainly looks like it my waist up from 34” to 40” my neck from 16” to 19” I am down to 10mgs Steroids because I am nearly pain free for how long I don’t know, Fran is watching me in fact made me eat a small meal last night. Matt/Fran

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  • Jeez Matt, u know how to pile the pressure on yourself! Gym, hydro, starvation, lung condition, RA, family?! Aaaargh, allow yourself to chill occasionally?

    Your diet, is it prescribed? If not check with the GP but the British heart foundation diet is meant to do wonders. And u will put on weight if u dont eat, Fran as usual is right! u need to eat regularly with lots of fruit and veg!

    You could go into a normal gym to instead of waiting, I go and use their warm pool and jakussi, all I do is walk up and down, backward , sideways and use the weights underwater. They will have someone who is trained in musculoskeletal skeletal and chest most likely.

    But keep plugging away at the Rheumy, but be kind to yourself too ? Xxxxxx

  • Hi A, Thank You When i came home from work the other day i was sitting on the edge on my bed looked at myself in the mirror and just burst into tears, What are the Edinburgh team going to think they would probably think i am letting myself go and one of the main reasons for getting refused a transplant is being Obese.4 weeks to make a difference once I start to walk the streets looking for work might help.Geze a Jobe, Matt

  • Matt you are incoragable! Lucky you have Fran cos I would nag you to death lol! Did they actually say your weight was an issue for transplant? Ye losing weight will help but starvation will alter you blood chemistry and they won't be happy about that either, slow and steady mate x

  • And job, yeah I know the feeling mate !

  • Hello BOB here

    Your from Bathgate is there not a Public Bath there . I know that Edinburgh has the Commonwealth Pool.

    It seems you need a rest from the Steriods

    Go back to the GP and ask for a referral to a Health Centre, He will introduce you and you will be possibly given a trainer and you will be given the us of the pool there

    All the best


  • Hi Bob, Just been round to the sports center in Bathgate looks excellent there is several pools, Sauna, Steam Room, Would it be OK to use the three. Matt

  • Hello BOB here

    Should imagine so , When with my last GP he referred me to the Sports Centre and a trainer. Suppose this is the same in Scotland

    My condition effects joints and skin so I was unable to use the pool because of the chemicals of the water, also I have have extensive problems with tendons etc so was unable to do the keep fit part of it all so it was no good for me.

    The plan was to loose weight, Treatment started in class and after that you could use the pool etc. The class covered anything upwards to table tennis etc

    You paid a nominal fee as it was for medical need, so it seems a win, win because of the steriod medication etc

    All you need is a script from the GP and off you go

    Good luck, tell us how you got on


  • Hi Bob Fran reckons the steam room might go for my lungs.Matt

  • Hello mattcas

    Take better half, do not forget birch fronds



  • Agreed it does mine but ye sounds like a good idea the pool etc xx

  • Hi Bob if it was not for steroids I don't think i would be here, Matt

  • Starving yourself will make you fat! Try just not eating things with no value (bread, cake, biscuits, sweets, sugar, beer) but just eat lots of food with vitamins and health benefits (fish, liver, meat, veg, fruit, milk, cheese).

    I lost 10 pounds doing this for a couple of weeks, (I had to have a very occasional glass of wine of course!)

  • Hi MC, Losing that weight won't come easy but you can do it. Believe me you'll feel so much better for it. As you know I have lost 2 stone to keep my transplant consultant happy and give myself a better chance of surviving the operation and what he said to me was proved to be right.

    He said to me, 'I want you to lose 2 stone', I replied 'will that be possible on 20 mg of prednisolone a day', he said steroids don't make you put on weight. 'I said I already exercise hard most day's', he said 'exercise alone won't lose the weight and the only sure way to lose it was to eat less than you need'. Luckily I took this on board and set about eating less and I suppose its not rocket science, I lost weight and kept doing so until I lost the 2 stone required.

    I now can eat a little more but only what I need so I don't start storing fat again.

    There is no doubt that losing those 2 stone is the best thing I could have done as I am capable of doing so much more now.

    You don't have to starve yourself but you have to eat a little less than you need every day and the scales will be kind to you MC, when you see the weight coming off you won't look back. Fran hide all the biscuits and crisps :) and in a few months you'll have a new man by your side.

    Tony, remember! eating 'less than you need' will do it for sure and I can assure you that it won't make you fat!! :)

  • Hi Tony. Honest i don't eat much I have never ate during the day i never have and i think I eat whats expected of me, I love all kinds of fish don't take anything with sugar always buy low fat products and with Fran being Gluten tolerant and i eat a lot of what she eats all this weight happened from Jan to July Steroids got the blame for everything they even tried to blame the GUINNESS cheek, 7 years ago i went up to 15 half stone 48" waist 20"Tyson neck once they got my steroids reduced down to zero i then started to lose weight 4 stone in 9months.Keep breaking records. Fran say hi to you and Sharon. MC

  • Sticky one ain't it MC, its just finding the right balance of exercise and what you eat but it is possible to lose the weight even though your on steroids.

    I think the record breaking is on hold for now until we get some better weather so I'm maintaining what I've got at the moment unless I have a go at some old exercise bike times from last year. The bike is a bit of a problem at the moment though as I have an abscess on my bum :) Ha Ha which makes it a little painful on the saddle. I've got to see the surgeon about it in 2 weeks as antibiotics are not clearing it. :(

    We say right back at ya Fran from Tony & Sharon Hi Ya!! :)

  • Thats just what i said to my husband. He is over weight not through steroids but from not exercising . I have cut him down and he has lost 11/2 stone. Now he can move about better and i'm hoping more comes off him. It's no good starving yourself because what you do eat goes straight to fat, as your body thinks there is a famine. All the best matt good luck for the future.


  • Hi Matt, I know what you mean about putting on weight because of the steroides.....I've ballooned so much now hardly recognise myself!! Ad yes starving yourself will definitley stop you losing the weight. I've started reducing my portion sizes and drinking lots of water to fill me up.....it worked once before for me so am hoping it will work again this time.

    Good luck and I'm sure Fran will have you shaped up in no time. xx

  • Matt, Let me make weight loss as simple as possible for you: Don't eat anything white, except low fat dairy products.

    I once worked fro a Physician, a Specialist in Internal Medicine, trained at the Mayo Clinic. He mostly treated Heart Patients and Diabetics. That was his instructions to them...Eat no white stuff! It automatically includes all the baked goods, Pasta and starchie veggies. It's just easier to follow just by looking at what color it is.

    Unlimited vegetables of any color, plenty of fruits, these are mainly made up of water! Avoid adding salt to anything. For sweetener, use Sucralose, ie Splenda here.

    Good luck, I assure you it works, rapidly enough, without extreme exercises.xxx

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