After working for the past 17 years for the same company and suffering from RH for the past 10 years I have finally given in my notice to leave at the end of the year. It is a small family run company and although it appeared yesterday that they were aware I had this condition they have never mentioned it to me or asked if I needed help with anything to make my working day more bearable. I have always been a conscientious employee and gotten them out of some tight spots over the years. So at the age of 57 I have had enough. I am tired of coming in early, not taking full lunches and staying later than my finishing time. No longer taking crap off people when I feel like that myself. I am now going to look after myself, have less stress in my life and live to my own pace. I can't wait!

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  • That's exactly what I did in August after nine years of service

    Nobody cared as long as I kept slogging away everyday. I informed them as soon as I was diagnosed three years ago so o know exactly how you feel.

    Good luck and take care.


  • Hi there good luck I've been medically retired since July and it's the best thing that's happened , I toiled for the last year on and off work but the RA won in the end but now I'm on a new bisomar(Benepali) and I'm on the road back ,I'm at the gym most days and with no stress off letting people down at work I can please my self and plan my own day to suit me, hope you get on ok

  • Well good for you but hope you can keep busy.It broke my heart to leave work and I don't know what to do with myself.My disability has got worse so I can't get out of the house and visitors are sparse.

    Hope you can find something else to do that's not giving you pain

  • I am leaving while I still can enjoy a little quality of life. I like to write but find it difficult to hold a pen for long periods but find a keyboard easier. So I shall spend some time doing that. We have a dog so can take short walks with her to keep myself mobile. My husband will still be working but we plan on taking more short trips away with our dog. I like to read a lot and am looking around for things like an historical group that will keep my mind active. I have also told my work that I am happy to come in occasionaly to cover holidays but not a full day . So I think and hope I will be ok. I will live life at my pace not theirs.x

  • Hi

    Have you not thought about buying a speech recognition computer. It will make everything a lot easier, that way it will not put as much pressure on your hands and wrists. I used to have one for doing my university work, but unfortunately I could only get it to work in American & the use of some words in English can mean something else in American and so my sister had to type both of our essays up, something that she was not best pleased about.

    I was forced into medically retirement aged 30, that was how I decided to study law as wanted to keep my mind active. Enjoy your retirement & remember to have some relaxation.

  • Congratulations! It looks like you're going to spend a lot of time enjoying life in a way that suits you best. Wonderful. All the very best.

  • Thank you

  • Well done, it must have been a decision not taken lightly. I think there is a point that we all get to when we need to rethink our l lives, by reassessing our priorities will lead to a happier life,regardless of our ailments.

    Sounds like you've planned for this really well, keeping your mind and body active is a great plan 😀. You must be counting the weeks, I know I would be.

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