I am going to the drs this morning at 10.40am. I am in agony this morning feel like i have been hit by a train....Hope you all have a lovely

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  • Good luck at the docs hope he/she can help you. Enjoy the sunshine. Sharon

  • I have to go and have an x-ray now on my knee and he has given me naproxen for a few days to help ease the pain and yes i have got to rest....

  • Sorry things are still so difficult for you Sylvi. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your x-ray and that the rest and Naproxen help you.


  • Had my x-ray and happily i don't seem to have any broken bones.xx

  • Good news on no breaks rest up now x

  • I will Darling,i promise.xxxx

  • Glad to hear you've no broken bones, but sorry you're feeling bad. Hope you feel a bit brighter soon.


  • Get well soon xx

  • Thanks

  • Good to hear no bones broken, take it easy over the next few days.

    Hubby's foot is looking a lovely colour and lived to tell the tale after the weekend! So I will not be taken to clink!!! xxx

  • Ha ha ha .xxxxxx

  • At least nothing is broken. Lots of rest for you xx

  • Rest Syliv, so glad it isn't broken, sending hugs xx

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