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Lovely weekend

Saturday I went out with a friend for 3 course christmas lunch at the old medieval town of Tewkesbury. We had booked a meal at Ye olde black bear Inn which has been a pub or tavern since 1308.

It is reputed to be haunted ! infact on a summer visit with a group of friends my one friend felt something brush against her leg as did some diners on another table!, that particular room used to be the stables, so maybe it was the ghost of a stable dog?.

We wandered around some little shops, I got a nice scarf for my mum and heart shaped wall ornament for one of my friends. for whom I also won a gold sequined evening purse in a charity tombola!,and got myself some nice pyjamas( got to keep warm!)

There was a flea market in the town hall , had a browse and a cup of tea. looked in a few more shops. then took shopping back to car before the meal.

We had three courses for £10.99!, I drove there on the understanding that my non drinking friend who is a named driver on my insurance would drive back so I could have a glass of wine or two!

We had mushrooms in a light creamy garlic sauce on toasted french bread round as a starter , followed by full roast turkey dinner with lashings of cranberry sauce and a yorkshires, roast potatoes, parsnips and veg. ,followed after a long pause and a total of 2 glasses (small!) for me, chocolate roulade with Baileys cream..

We then moved the car to the other end of town to the abbey, were there were a full set of lovely gift stalls( I bought my parents some crab apple jelly!) and some mince pies for me and my friend. to have back at my house later with a cup of tea which we did.

Sunday after waking with v stiff hands and knees I went to the gym to mobilise them ( walking on treadmill etc and light hand weights!) lovely warm shower and then sat in the lovely soothing sauna in the ladies changing room.

Came home and prepared a fake meat chilli in a saucepan, my one friend is vegetarian!( before transferring to my slow cooker), jackets and garlic bread in oven,

My friends were coming for dinner and to decorate the tree and get it down from the loft for me. My female friend had bought brownies for pudding!

(a Better crocker mix) quite pleasant she has made them before.

After dinner and before the dessert the tree was got down for me and decorated, I assisted slightly. my main job was the washing up!

Have a little pic of it but I cant upload it! it says the file is too big!!

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That sounds like a fab weekend Ali - I'm glad that your pain is so much more under control and your quality of life has improved:-}

Cece x


Hi Alison,

Lovely blog, so glad things much better this days, you can read a complete change between the lines. Are you still on the gold injections?

xx Gina.


I wish i was with you it sounded like you had a really lovely time. I pleased you had a lovely time and got a few pressies,for family and friends. The tree will look lovely i'm sure. Its only since i've been on here that i have learned to upload things to this site and to my facebook page as well.

Love sylvi. xx


Well done Alison for the lovely upbeat hear warming blog. RE uploading that image - if you click on edit you might find you can resize it quite easily to under 2mbs. Don't know how it's done on a pc because I use a mac but there should be quite a simple way. Tilda x


Hi Summer

It sounds as if you had a brilliant wkend. Shame about not being able to upload the pic!

I've still don't have the energy to do much, but our eldest is home in 3 wks from uni, so we will be complete as a family (have not seen him since september and its his first time away from home). I am hoping to be more mobile and be fully adjusted to the increase in mtx, to be able; to be more active over the chrimbo period. What that's the plan.

I am so pleased you were able to have a good wkend and it seems you did not hurt to much afterward?

Hoping you have a good wk

Sci x


Thank you all.. my pain was under control until last night..i had a bad night.. with hands and knees got v little sleep, so had to ring in sick today( will be too tired to concentrate.

I think im having a mini flare and need to nip it in the bud as I have recently increased my hours and havent had any time off since my bad spell earlier this year.!I am still on the gold injections they took about 5 months to work, im having some unfortunate side effect issues with blood showing in my urine regularly but at microscopic levels, my Gp may undertake further action re this, the rheum nurse when I saw her a month or so ago said that was my gp's remit.

I going to the Drs at 10.40

Alison x


My goodness they do a fine spread at Tewkesbury! Glad you enjoyed all that. But I'm keeping quiet about yorkshire and turkey because my family loooove yorkshire and gravy and I'm not going there on christmas day. Incidentally did you hear woman's hour, Mary Berry saying how to precook then reheat roast potatoes ? I think that's worth trying.



Sorry I hadn't read your post about the flare - I do hope you're feeling better soon. Keeping warm must be a priority.


Hi We think it is a post injection flare x.. heating on.. had an afternoon snooze under a blanket!


Hi Alison, what a wonderful day and a fantastic meal as well. Very glad you had such a good time with your friends.

I have tried before to upload some piccies but keep being told it is too big which is probably what happened to yours. Never mine, we are all imagining busily and feeling very jealous! I do love brownies as well!

Hope your dad is ok - let me know how he got on with the consultant via message please? I have been thinking of you all. LavendarLady (Dottie) x


Help! I can load pics onto facebook very easily, but can't find a similar path to post any on here! What's the secret, step by step.?

Thanks for the help! XX Loret


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