Lots going on

Hi everyone,

I've got loads of things coming up in the next few weeks, some good, some not so good.

I'm off to my GP today because my last blood test showed cholesterol levels of 10.8!! A bit of a shocker and all my fault I'm afraid to say and a wake-up call if every I heard one.

I also need to discuss with him the question of post-op care after my ankle fusion which will be coming up in the next few months. The rheumy OT was very positive about the possibility of respite care away from home so that was a relief. I haven't seen him before, he was really sweet and caring but about 12 years old I think!

I also suspect that I have developed fibromyalgia, so another thing to discuss with the GP. I fear the poor man is going to rue the day I walked through his door. Haha.

On the bright side, I am driving up to Herts tomorrow to stay with my lovely sisters (they live near each other so I swap from house to house depending on their schedule). It's a bit of a drive from south Devon but I have lots of stops to move about and drive an automatic so it's just a question of pointing in the right direction really. We always have such a good laugh together - you know, the type where you have to hold your belly. It's better than any medication in the world.

I'm due to go to outdoor theatre at Berkhamstead castle on Saturday evening so will have to take a sturdy chair to sit on and a massive umbrella. I love it when my sister's treat me.

The following day is our annual "family day" in memory of our mum. I'm one of 7 children so with the extended family it gets quite rowdy and great fun. Mum would have been in the thick of it downing the gin like a pro.

After that a wedding the following weekend. Some very old and dear friends of mine who have been together on and off for about 25 years and have finally decided to tie the knot.

I'll give myself a couple of days to recover before driving home again.

I love the prospect of having things to do and look forward to but am always a little anxious about how I'm going to cope. When I put my mind to it I always do though so fingers crossed.


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  • What a lovely time your going to have,let us all know how you get on and post some pics. You know to be careful when your on your way up,i'm going to cornwall next weekend and hubby already knows we will have to stop a lot so i think we will set out early and have breakfast on the way. You have a lovely time. sylvixx

  • Thanks Silvi - you too. I'm going to try and avoid hitting the M4/M25 interchange during rush hour if I can so should be ok if I leave by 10am.

    I hope the weather is a little kinder for you. We are known for our rain down here in the SW, although it often passes over Cornwall to dump on Devon. These green fields don't come easy you know!


  • Hi Judy, My sister was coming up from Kent today and staying with my other sister, we too get the giggles, but I'm afraid we've all got something that has stopped us,one has MS, the other OA and me with RA so we have lots to laugh about, just have to stick to skype! that's even funnier! Keep busy it's fun, have adrink on me.

  • You can always rely on your brothers and sister to rip the "p" out of you can't you? ............actually, coming to think of it, my children and friends do also - no respect.

  • When I said "I've finally got an answer for the way I am" the family all said "Oh we've always called it MUM!" HA HA!

  • They can be great at lifting your spirits can't they?

  • Have a great time xx

  • Thanks Summer. x

  • Judy, that sounds like a great timetable of events. I have a big family as well and love getting together with them, it is good fun. We always do cope don't we even if we have to suffer a little after.

  • Too right Mads.

    I'm a bit worried about the weather forecast for tomorrow but I will pack a pair of oars and be intrepid.x

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