A Big Thank You.mattcass

Hi All, Me and Fran would like to thank you all for replying to my post about my rheumy doc who I will deal with in due time, This has been the best week I've had since January no pain whatsoever from my RA I don't expect it to last as I have to drop the level of steroids over the next 2 months but it was great while it lasted, and we walked 4 mile today I was fine but my DLA care was tired, Ouch!! she saw this.mattcass

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  • I am pleased your having a good spell and long may it last.xxx

  • Glad you are feeling better. I too had forgotten what it was like to be pain free and not be bed bound/housebound since January and I am just getting some relief from a steroid shot and changing to another biologic mid August. Still a long way to go. Good luck with the next rheumy visit and with everything.

  • Hiya just back from France! Glad u doing ok !xxxxxx

  • Hu allanah, Did you enjoy your holiday did you get many pain free days I hope,mattcass

  • Hi good news matt x

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