A Big Thankyou :)

Hi everyone i would just like to say a big thank you to all for making me welcome and your words of support to me yesterday. As i said i am new to the site and only joined yesterday, the response i had to my blog was so uplifting, i was so down yesterday feeling very much on my own . Thank you for lifting my spirits i'm sorry were all on here because of RA but its good to know that we are all here for each other. I look forward to talking supporting and having a laugh with each other. by the way im on here as Ludlow didnt realise you could use your real name mine is Lena dughh . just learning to use the site so any tips please feel free to let me know lol have a good day all hugs to all lena xxxxxx

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  • no problem in alison aka summer x lolts of people use pen names x

  • Thanks Alison good to know i'm not the only one . :)

  • no problem im alison aka summer x lots of people use pen names x

  • Hello. Welcome to the site . Lots of lovely people here.

  • thank you Watson for your kind welcome. i am so glad i found the site it is proving to be a great help :)

  • Glad your with us. My name is sylvia,but my pen is sylvi.You'll get used to it soon and it willbe a doddle for you.xxx

  • thankyou sylvia i hope so . This site is brilliant loads of helpful information and support , i certainly will be making other sufferers aware that dont know about it when i go to my hospital appointments. thank you. hope your having a good day :) xx lena

  • Hi, Im Marie though everyone calls me Rie. We are all in this together, & to help each other, with support. laughs & hugs .

    Rie xx

  • Thank you Rie i look forward to it. :) xx

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