Miserable Weekend.....and start of an even more miserable week!!!!

Miserable Weekend.....and start of an even more miserable week!!!!

Well I had my 2nd Cimzia treatment yesterday afternoon but I've no idea if its's working....still loading myself with steroids as this is the only way I can cope with the news we've had at the moment.

Last night my father-in-law who has been suffering with Alzheimers passed away....although we knew it was coming it was still a shock and very upsetting....on top of that we read in the paper this morning that they are very close to a cure for Alzheimers...really needed to see that.....NOT!!! Trying to comfort my husband as he is totally devastated and my children.....my sister-in-law is flying back from Oz now and I've got to pick her up from the airport and break the news to her.....

And to top that my beloved cat Whizzer has been diagnosed with kidney failure....we had to rush him into the vets early this morning as his medication didn't appear to help and he has totally stopped eating & drinking.....the vets put him on a drip and we will know tomorrow afternoon whether he is responding. We're all trying to be hopeful that he pulls through....my husband was totally devoted to Whizzer.....you should see them when they used to play on the lounge floor.....he would tickle his tummy and do "mock" wrestling....Whizzy loved it...always came back for more. Don't know how my husband will cope if he doesn't pull through on top of losing his Dad.

So am at a real low at the moment.....really don't care about my RA or what it does right now....sodding life! Really sucks!

Sorry everybody....hope you are all OK.

Love xxx

P.S. This is a favourite picture of my beautiful boy.

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  • Hi Luthien, My deepest sympathy to you all, you're right life does suck sometimes! I hope and pray that your beautiful cat Whizzy pulls through too. Take care and please don't apologise . Xx

  • hi, How sad every thing feels for you and your husband at the moment. My mother has severe Alzheimers, and as she is now approaching 99, it's probably not realistic to think she has much longer with us. But I know that when it happens , it's still going to be dreadful even though we know it's probably fast approaching.

    I really feel for you, so wishing you and your family the strength needed for the next weeks.

    All the best

    Carolyn x

  • Hi Luthien

    Yes it really does suck. I hope you get good news about Whizzer, he looks adorable with a mischevious glint?

    Take care of yourself xx

  • What a gorgeous puss cat. I really hope he pulls through. Sounds like you are having a really rotten time at the moment. Love and my best wishes to you and your family. The RA family on this site were so good to me when my Mum passed away with all their messages of support. Hope you find the strength to deal with all of this. Sharon

  • Like you i had my second dose of cimzia on thursday and since i have felt crap,i hope this passes though. I am sorry to hear the loss of your f-i-l. i send heartfelt thoughts your way. I too hope whizzer picks up as he will be a comfort to your hubby at this sad time. Please try and rest as much as you can during this sad time as your hubby will need you if only to hold him when he gets upset.xxxx

  • Thinking of you. I lost my father in law in january this year.

    Love Carole x x x

  • Dear All Lovely RA family, thank you so much for your warm supportive messages......when you know there are people out there who are thinking of you it really does help.

    We've just had a call from the vets saying Whizzy isn't responding to the treatment at the moment. They're carrying on until Monday then will call us so that we can decide what to do...either he comes home or.....can't think about the alternative. :(

    Love to you all xxxxx

  • Hi Luthien,

    I am so sorry for the sad loss of your father-in-law, my thoughts are with you and your family.

    I hope Whizzy responds to his treatment over the weekend, he is having the best care.

    Pets are so resilient, one minute so down and the next back to their old self. Try not to worry about him, but i know you will. These pets, we are so close to them.

    I'm so sorry all this has happened at the same time for you, life sometimes is awful.

    Try and rest when you can. xx

  • Thanks for kind words Vonnie...your right he's in the best place right now...we're all trying to keep positive. Xx

  • Oh Luthien so sorry your having such a rotten time i feel for you. Really hope your lovely puss cat improves xx

  • That's awful - poor you what a worry. I so hope Whizzy responds and gets back on his feet to help you comfort your husband. Tilda x

  • Thanks Tilda......hubby is missing him dreadfully....! xx

  • Thank you miss....hopefully getting some news tomorrow from the Vet. xx

  • Oh Luthien what tragic news I am so sorry I send my deepest sympathy to you and your family. To have your magnificent cat poorley too is dreadful I hope he is a little better this morning.

    Love and hugs to you


  • Thank you gins.....not heard anything today....I suppose no news is good news....so they say....hoping to get a call from the Vet tomorrow. xx

  • Luthien,

    have just logged on and read your post. So sorry to hear of your loss. Hoping that your beautiful cat is responding to the treatment and sending best wishes to you.

    Caroline. x

  • Thank you Caroline....all the warm wishes everybody has sent is like a big invisible hug....have told hubby about everybody's messages and he is deeply touched. xx

  • luthien, that is indeed just an awful week, thinking about you, really hope that your cat recovers.

  • Thanks mads.......at the moment it's the not knowing if he'll recover or not.....just keeping everything crossed. xx

  • Hi luthien

    What sad news. Hope you and your family are ok, sending big hugs Donna xx??

  • Thank you Donna.....hugs always help! xx

  • Dear All, once again thank you and my hubby says a big thank you as well.....he didn't realise how supportive everybody here is.....a little emotional tear in his eye as he read some of the messages.

    I hope you are all OK and not suffering too much......and if you are big hugs back from me (& hubby!). xxx

  • So sorry to hear about your father in law.. and your lovely cat, my thoughts are with you x

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