RIP my beloved Whizzer!

RIP my beloved Whizzer!

I'm afraid my beautiful little boy Whizzer didn't make it. He rapidly went downhill Monday evening and the Vet said there was nothing more that could be done for him.

He went to sleep this morning with all his family surrounding & cuddling him....such a brave beautiful boy!

He is now at peace with my beloved father-in-law who we also lost last weekend.....we suspect they are both causing mischief together!


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  • Luthien, so sorry to see the news of Whizzer. How very sad for you and your family particularly coming on top of your father in law as well. Having lost animals over the years, I can feel for you. Sending you hugs and love. LavendarLady x

  • Oh I am so sorry, there is nothing worse than losing a lovely friend and pet. Sending you hugs. Axx

  • So sorry to hear this.. his markings are v similar to my little suki.. He had you all there at the end which was comforting for him xx

    Love Alison x

  • So sorry to hear about your father in law and now Whizzer. Thinking of you and gentle hugs.

    Fi x

  • I'm sorry too Luthien. Tilda x

  • So sorry to hear about whizzer, I lost both of my 2 boys (brothers) within weeks of each other at the age of 19 and I'm still not over it. How old was he?

    A very tough week for you and your family, you are in my thoughts xx

  • Awww Luthien, really to sorry to read your news especially coming so soon after your father in law.... at the very least he got to spend a few more hours with you after he came back from the Vets and I'm sure he had a good life with you! Thinking of you Amanda xx

  • What rotten news Luthien sending you hugs. Hope Whizzer and your father in law rest in peace xxx

  • Sending gentle hugs your sorry to hear your news


  • Ah Luthien commiserations to you and your family. Bless Whizzer and your father in law x

  • So sorry, it's so sad losing an animal friend. I had my last cat 20 years and was devastated when she went. Polly

  • Sorry you lost your special friend, I know exactly how awful it is XXX

  • So, so sorry. I had to have my wonderful old dog put down a few months back. It's just horrible. But after you've done the last kind thing you can do for them the good memories keep on coming, or so I've found.

    Wishing all the best to you and your family, Luce x

  • Very sorry to hear of your losses. I hope they are being mischievous together!

  • Awh, the poor big's heartbreaking when you have to say good bye to a much loved pet. Sorry to hear about Whizzer.........XXX

  • You feeling any better today? Thinking of you so much, hugs Axx

  • Bless You Hun, sending Love & gentle Hugs. I know how you are feeling, having lost 2 of my own cats, part of the family

    Rie xx

  • Thank you all so much for such warm messages and's all very raw & emotional....still coming to terms with both their losses.

    Whizzy was 13 years old so I suppose he's classed as an old boy.....he was thoroughly spoilt his whole life.....and he knew that whatever he wanted he would get it!!!!

    My father-in-law had a really soft spot for Whizzy....always made a beeline for him giving him his favorite treats.

    We're getting Whizzy cremated and also my father-in-law is being created....both on the same day so they'll have each other.

    And yes Luce....all the wonderful memories are there of both of them......thank you all again xxxxxx

  • Oh Luthien, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Whizzer, my heart goes out to you. As you say, both your father-in-law and whizzer will be together.

    I can so empathize with you as i lost my beautiful yorkie, Millie after 14 years. It was two years ago and still hurts to think of her, but the memories do comfort in time.

    He has gone to a special place were he can be young, free and roam, with no pain or discomfort.

    Bless you all.

    Vonnie xx

  • Sorry to hear of your sad news, I had my cat for 19 years, it was so sad when we had to put him down, Just try and remember all the loving and good life that he would of had being with you, Take care xxx

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